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 Within the context of Thelema, the Number 418 is of major significance. By the process of Hebrew gematria the number 418 is the total of the magickal formula 'Abrahadabra'. At the time of this writing, Abrahadabra is being investigated rigorously for it's geometric, mathematical, and mystical characteristics. This essay is meant to introduce certain fundamental features of this number, and to show relationships it bears internally, and to other significant Thelemic formulae. My purpose in these pages is to expose the structure of Abrahadabra as a key formula within magickal work. I hope this work will contribute to efforts to understand this unique word/number and will be a useful part of what will become a substantial body of research.

I present a key by which 418 may be shown mathematically to relate directly to the key Thelemic numbers 93 and 31, and in the process pointing to a need to research the less 'prominent' keys 39 and 13, as well as 132.

The Abrahadabra Key:

The above figure demonstrates the following;

* 418 =summa (13-31) [summa indicates "Sum of all the numbers from x to y"].
* 13 and 31 are mirrors.
* When multiplied by 3, 13 and 31 form  39 and  93 which are also mirrors.
* 39 and 93 are 132; referring to QBL (Qabal; to receive)

The structure thus produced is of perfect symmetry and can be likened to a tuning fork with twin prongs. This then presents us with the following proposition.

Thesis: To fully flesh out the significance of Abrahadabra we need to develop an understanding of the Numbers 13 and 39, in conjunction with 31 and 93.

* Analysis of the primary structures of the key

This key consists of the number 418, and two sets of mirrored numbers: (13, 39) & (31, 93). The vibration of 418 can be said to extend, and resonate through these two sets of numbers. By manipulating these numbers we may discover some further properties of the key.

I propose the following 'Map' of the key. Note that I have represented the fact that 3(13)=39, and 3(31)=93, by depicting these triads as two triangles ; one red (masculine), and one blue (feminine).  The result is that when we combine these triads, we obtain the hexagram, or "Magen Star" [MGN=93!].

 At the center of each triad is the sum of the three instances of that number. When we combine both triads graphically, we obtain the number 132 at the heart of our six pointed star. (39+93)=132

In this figure, the numbers 13 and 31 are not added together, due to the arrangement of the points of the star. Were we to do so, however, we would obtain 44; (31+13)=44, and 3(44)=132. 44 also refers neatly to the Abrahadabra formula, since 44=4(11); 11 being the number of letters in the formula, and 4 being the final reduction of the number 418. ((4+1)+8)=13, (1+3)=4. Beyond this, 4 (and also 11) refers to the Tetractys of the Decad, a figure which has been shown to be fundamental in the study of Abrahadabra [This can be seen in the work  of L:.L:.L:.L:. at www.abrahadabra.com. This work is graphic in nature and ongoing. Despite being somewhat intimidating the outset, much of my  own work has been supported and inspired by L:.L:.L:.L:.  and I recommend the perusal of this maaterial].

132 is of principal significance, since it gives us a very clear reference back to the Abrahadabra formula (6x418=19x132 (see below)), as well as providing a sound rationale for employing the triadic/hexagrammatic structure in the first place. 132 is 2(66), or 2(summa 1-11). This gives us the number of letters in a full expansion/contraction of the Abrahadabra formula;

In this form, there are 22 discrete stages. These may be mapped on to the 22 paths of the tree of life, and the 22 letters. In this manner, when a magician conducts a systematic pathworking, either from 11 to 32, or from 32 to 11 (or both simultaneously), they are participating in the expansion and contraction of this formula, a process which may be said to reflect the life cycle of birth->growth->apex-> decline-> death.

Another feature of ABRAHADABRA which it is worth noting here is the following; When the formula is expressed in full, as follows the total adds to 1904!

1904 is the Gregorian year in which Liber Al Vel Legis was channeled. This suggests that Abrahadabra may have been a sleeper formula which was released once the count reached this number.

 In this same vein, 132x19=2508, and 2508=418x6. This figure is interesting when we reflect that in a full expressed instance of Abrahadabra; the word is actually repeated 6 times.

It is suggested by this that when an initiate uses the word, multiple mathematical structures are being resonated aetherically, generating the capacity to establish complex fields around the magician. For example, in this case, you can envision six 'Abrahadabras' at the six points of the Magen star, being generated by a single sustained utterance.

Some Gematria of the Key (with commentary)

93, 31
13, 39
Those familiar with thelemic gematria will recognize the numbers 93 and 31 as key figures. This work shows equally that13 and 39 are also keys. The suggestion I forward here is that while 31 and 93 are reflective of the 'standard' arrangement of the tree, 13 and 39 suggest Frater Achad's arrangement. It is well known that in the standard arrangement, the three horizontal paths; 27, 19, and 14, have the total gematria value of 93. This is as masculine attribution. Conversely these paths, when tallied up according to Achad's reversed arrangement, amount to 156; the number of BABALON, as well as 4(39). Further, 39 is seen to refer to the phrase "IHVH AChD", or God is One. As well, AChD may be substituted for AHBH, or love, as they both total to 13. Thus the two poles of the formula are classifiable as Masculine and Feminine respectively, the first suggesting Power, the second; Love.

44   Refers, by Gematria to both Aries (TLQ), and Aquarius (DLI). These two signs are important in Thelema, since these are the signs that were exchanged by Crowley in his "Book of Thoth". 44 is also a key number to Liber Al Vel Legis (220) since 5x44=220, and 220 is the number of verses, and the technical classification of Liber Al.

Important words which total to 132;

Godwin [Godwin David; ["Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia", Llewellyn Publications, Minnesota, 1997.]
MHMD(Arabic); Muhammad [Recall in connection to these key Muslim terms the Appearance of a formula strikingly similar in meaning to the Shahada; LA AL ALLA : : "No God, but God". Crowley is said to have held Islam in far greater esteem than its precedent religious traditions. It is notable also that 418 is 22x19, where 19 is a fundamental number in both the Quran, and in Jose Argüelles' Dreamspell (see also connection to 132).

QLB (Qalb); Heart

Crowley  [From 777 as reprinted in Godwin.]

BLQ; (Beleq; to make waste)
QBL; (Qabal; To receive (root of Qabalah; the 'received' tradition)

132 and 418 are 550. (sum of the series 10+20+30+40+50+60+70+80+90+100), (10x55). Expressing an amplification of Tetractys.

44 and 418 are 462. 2(77x3)=2(231). 231= (summa 1-21). It is also the sum number of the Gates of wisdom; "the number of possible combinations of two Hebrew letters, disregarding order".

44 and 132 are 176 (88x2), (44x4) (22x8); the number of days in two Mercurial years [The Author employs an 88 day tarotic day count based on the 88 day orbital cycle of Mercury, to be published at a later date], also yet another glyph for Abrahadabra since 418 = 8 and Abrahadabra is an 11 lettered formula. Twice 88 implies, yet again the expansion and diminution of an ABRAHADABRA formula. Notice how tightly interconnected all these numbers are; referring back to one another, or implying the same formulae in different ways. As well, we have so far derived; 44, 55, 66, 77, and 88, as well as of course 11 and 22. This leaves us looking for 33 and 99!

418 and 176 are 594. ABZ IShRAL (Abez Israel; the stone of Israel [Gen. Xlix.24] 594=2(297), or 2(3x99),or 2(3(3x33).

It is striking that this key, purely in reference to the numbers, yields in some fashion or other every number from 1-9 multiplied by 11! This is appropriate to the nature of the symbol ABRAHADABRA.

* Abrahadabra; Aleph and Tau

A further key to the mystery of ABRAHADABRA lies among the 231 gates of wisdom [231 is (summa 21), and thus refers us back to the all embracing nature of 21; the Universe]. These 'gates' are the 231 possible combinations of two Hebrew letters. This is calculated starting with Aleph; AA, AB, AG, AD… and so on, then BB, BG, BD… etc interesting to note that done thus, each 'head' letter has one less than the last until Tau is reached which does not 'head' a set of letters. See David Allen Hulse's "The Eastern Mysteries" [Hulse, David Allen; "The Key of It All- The Eastern Mysteries" Llewellyn Publications, St Paul, Minnesota, 2000 (p 161)] It will be noted that the 111th Gate is Vau-Tau. This has some very interesting properties. The 111th permutation of the Hebrew alphabet yields VTh (406), or mirrored; ThV; the full spelling of "Tau". Thus we have ALPh (111) and ThV; the Beginning and the End, ATU 0 and XXI. ThV is also (summa 28), which is (summa 7). Lets look at these numbers first before I proceed to tie this back into ABRAHADABRA.  Firstly the number 7 is the root; this is associated to ATU VII; the Chariot. Right here is our first link to ABRAHADABRA; since the Letter ascribed to the Chariot is Cheth; values at 8, and spelled in full as ChITh; 418. This is well documented. 28 is significant since it is the average number of days in a 'Moon', and the number of Arabic Letters. The 28th path is occupied by ATU XVII; the Emperor, and ATU IV; the star [According to my personal appraisal of the ATU numbering system. See future work for a full explanation], in the two respective (The traditional, and Achad's) arrangements. The real whammy is as follows; ThV (Tau=406) and VV (Vau=12) (In other words the same formula we are dealing with, only with its letters spelled in full) total to 418! This discovery ties Abrahadabra directly to the Fool and the Universe, showing once again, the remarkable penetrative nature of this formula; This discovery suggests that ABRAHADABRA may be a formula by which total access to the structure of the Tree of Life is granted.

* Concluding Remarks

This has been a condensed, and perhaps difficult little essay on 418. My intention has been to expose a useful key, of which much more can be said that what I have recorded here. The study of Abrahadabra is extensive, and I have not touched upon it fully, as you will note. It is my intention to include this information in a more exhaustive study of the formula, and those who care to comment upon this work are welcome to do so, recognizing that their contributions/ criticisms may be included in later publications by myself. Originally this essay was part of an appendix to a much larger treatment of magickal time, which includes several new formulae and constructions which have yet to be published.