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"Every man and every woman is a star."
- Liver AL vel Legis. I. 3



Greetings & welcome to Silver Star 4

Four - the primal elements, the corners of the Pyramid;The Powers of the Sphinx:
To Know, Will, Dare and be Silent.......
4 is strength, stability and balance-  one hopes- and so it is with a feeling of 'Coagula', of coming together and Earthing, that I approach this issue. 4 issues of SS ago we began with a vision- a place where the Great Works of our collective Magicks could be displayed and shared. The 'twilight language' that we speak in is, it seems, a tongue we all communicate in. Our dreams, sigils, rituals and inner cosmic connections have a consistancy that both verifies and validates our visionary experiences as we explore the powers and potentials (limitless!) that we each are finding within us and about us. For it is true and beyond doubt:
'That which is within is alike to that which is without.'
The trite and misunderstood comment 'we create our own reality' hides a deep and important hidden truth- 'we' do create 'our' reality- yet who is 'we' or 'I'? This is the real adventure and, it seems, that on this magick journey the feathers that fall from our collective flights are ART; words, articles, drawings, photos, sculptures, strange transmissions, rituals, music, dance, pilgrimages to sacred places of power (within and without) and...well, here they are....caught in this cyber - net, dropped by so many stars.... This issue is also a watershed in that rather than cajole or push for contributions, I simply put out the word- and a pile of amazing work poured in- over 75 items!
 I also appreciate (and hope!!!) that readers of this unique magazine will spread the word and urge others to submit materials. The Great Work, it is said, has become this Aeon The Great Play! Nothing makes this clearer that the joy and power implicit and revealed in all the works herein.

Yet, there is a pall that hangs over us as this issue comes together here, now, September 05: Hurricane Katrina and the horrible affect it has had on our human / magickal community. Please take time in your rites & meditations to send healing energies to those in need. If you wish to send more concrete help to those magickians we know in need, write us directly.

Two of these Magickians who are elders in our grand circle are  Mishlen and Louis Martinie .
Louis opens the door of the Loa for us every issue. Mischlen's art has been a significant inspiration to everyone involved with SS and her work, in this issue, WAVE, solidifies the spirit of the Time. Begun during another hurricane, finished as Katrina was attacking, it is a reminder of how real the forces of 'magick' are and how we must and need to positively channel & earth our inner spiritual journey with real deeds in the real world, with Love and Will. Louis's words fill and elucidate what WAVE presents in stunning visual immediacy (dont miss the detail shot on pg 50).

May we all assist with our Great Play the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes on the dark Waters.

Ashe! Love & Will

Aion 131



Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.


This unique Journal of Magick is totally eclectic, with a focus on serious practical and theoretical essays, fiction, rituals, art and poetry that all express The High Art: those countless aspects of magick and the alchemy of the 'Great Work'. The material herein is primarily in, although not limited to, the realm of Thelema. This means operating on the principle of love under will. Other terms such as Tantrik, Shamanic, Chaotic, Wiccan and so on may also apply. The Will to Love is the Law to Live. In the end, Silver Star is what our contributors and readers choose to make of it.


While being in a sense a magickal child of The Horus/Maat Lodge, Silver Star
is not limited in any way to being a 'house organ' for the Lodge. Silver Star seeks to provide an open source and forum for all serious Adepts who will to share with their Brothers and Sisters the work of the Art Magick. A closed system dies. We seek to help inspire the metaphysical knowledge of the New Gnosis as an open system. Our simple goal: The magickal evolution of humanity.


 You send us wonders and we will help spread them. Omnia Veritas (everything is true) . If you like what you see here, then we want your work as well. All arcane materials are acceptable from all types of open-minded people, belonging to any and all (or absolutely no) orders, lodges, circles and so on. Sincerity, scholarship, and creativity are our desired qualities. Silver Star seeks to represent the widest possible spectrum of Magick and its practice as it is evolving now. Most disciplines have a Journal that transcends politics and becomes a serious forum for the whole community, a free space where ideas and knowledge can be shared. This is ours.


Because we can. Many of us marvel at the current proliferation of magick everywhere. Who has not witnessed the fertile chaos of these uncertain times? Who has not found the tools and information necessary to create conscious change in abundant supply? Cyberspace and the tools thereof provide powerful tools to effect change with Will. We to Evolve. Each one of us now lives in a world where critical choices must be made. As the old song goes: "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." We are united in one simple ideal: Love IS the Law. Do you truly know how much your heart weighs?


HERE and NOW! This is all that matters. We are scattered about the globe, a beautiful 'net of stars', yet in this magick circle of cyberspace we are together. Let us gather in love and will to share our visions and affirm our unity. This is a time of great changes: a new conscious is rising phoenix-like from the ashes of a restrictive age. Let it take flight here.

If you are Asatru, Buddhist, Chaote, Druid, Enochian, Faerie, Gnostic, Heretic, Illuminati, Jungian, Kali-worshipping, Lovecraftian, Maatian, Nordic, OTO, Pagan, Qabalist, Rosicrucian, Shaman, Taoist, Unitarian, Voudon, Wiccan, Xenophile, Yezidic, Zoroastrian, or something completely different, Silver Star is your e-zine. The editors gratefully acknowledge the many contributions that have been made to this issue.  We hope that you, our readers, will find connections with the magickal experiences presently assembled before you.

 Silver Star Editorial Collective

 Nemus, Aion, Shade, Nema

Love is the law. love under will.

re: submissions

Direct comments, questions and all submissions (and we ENCOURAGE submissions) to:


Publication dates: Spring & Fall Equinox
Deadlines: One Month Before each Equinox

There is no payment for submissions except good Karma. Authors/artists retain copyrights.
I request that submissions, if possible, be sent in MS WORD as attachments or as text documents (rich text is fine as well). Images as GIFs or JPGs, please keep them small memory-wise and size wise.and please title each peace and put your name as you wish it to be shown ON the piece. Thanks. The journal often has text centered on the pages, one reason for this is the format in which I receive submissions, often this is the best way I can display them on the web page without intensive editing.
If there are odd formatting bits here & there, forgive me- Im doing what I can with what I have.
Note: I do NOT edit for style, content, grammar or typos- I spend my energies getting it up online- so send ready-to-print materials. In other words, all typos and grammar errors are owned by the authors.
RE: Errors, bad links etc: Whoa! Relax. Email me. Ill change it. It IS the web. And remember:
All is transitory....
Each issue is a Great Work but also a Great Joy. As I assemble and weave this issue the strongest feeling that fills me is how very much of one mind we all are, even though our bodies are scattered over the planet.As you wander through each issue, you'll see what I mean. Love/Will--- Aion.

"And then kerjillions of stars
start to shine
And icy comets
go whizing by
And everything's shaking
with a strange delight
And here it is:
The            enormous           night"

-Laurie Anderson, MY EYES