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By Rahunath
Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

  'DURGA-BABALON' by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule.
  Pen and pencil drawing done in Kashmir, India '05.
  (Original sold at Omphalas Magickal Fair, Bath UK)

  In India I became aware of several correllations
between their Mother-Goddess Durga and the
Thelemic/Biblical Babalon.
 Aside from the obvious iconography of a Woman riding
upon a Beast, there is also the 'apocalyptic' aspect
of Babalon upon the Beast in the Book of Revelations:

 Durga was created by the other major Gods of the
Hindu pantheon to destroy the demon of Ignorance. Is
not the destruction of ignorance an 'apocalypse' of
the soul? -a grand awakening!
 Here Durga is depicted upon serpent-maned (the seven
heads of the Beast) sun-lion with Her traditional
tools, plus the Horn of the slain buffalo-demon of
Ignorance, which is now the Cup of Babalon filled with
the Vinum Sabbati, Ignorance now replaced with the
wine of Understanding.

- Pen drawing done in Rome, London and Melbourne.

  Arriving in the UK from India I was surprised to see
the Lady with the Trident and the Lion (whom I had
been worshipping as Durga in the East) on some of
their coins -a seven-sided (Star of Babalon) one at
that; and discovered this to be Brittania, a name that
apparently comes from Celtic Brighid-An (a version of
the Goddess of Fire and Inspiration, and of the Sacred
Well which later became the chalice).
 In Rome I visited two of the seven hills which some
have theorized to be the 'seven heads' of the Beast on
which Babalon of the Book of Revelations rides -the
Mother of Abominations as the debauchery of pagan
Rome? So another angle on the fire-Goddess developed
in this picture...

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