C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S 
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Our time again is here
Closest when moons are Nu
Measure degree length longing
Come, walk closely with me now.
My climb to You nears fountainhead, thru nettle
Lupine, this brambl'd twisted path to wind
Up thru difficult strengths now mastered
Bee unto become in your field of flow-ering amritam
By the open mouth under coiling joy
Now as thou art the holy chosen One
Infinite space where infinite stars shines Void
So is the smile of Pan the laughter of wildflowers
So is my Love known in all desolate places
Where your secret turns me: our feast of flesh
The richer spirit flame whose blood
Eternal sitrs therein with each next step
Thread to spread woven in clouds without water
Lo! To worship upright as we bend to kiss the feet of
And settle the second nature we so closely share.

II.  The Other Side Of Midnite

On the other side of town
On the other side of the tracks
On the other side of midnite
You were borne.

On the other side of the altar
On the other side of your mystery
On the other side of the finite
you are infinite, possibility.

On the other side of fear
On the other side of peace
On the other side your holy war
furthers all who perservere.

On the other side of your possibility
On the other side is your certainty
On the other side I rest where
I found your… continuity.

I bring back a stone of water from the other side
I bring back the seed of  a star from the other side
of the tree & plant it within my garden of sand,
plant it beneath the city of night.

On the other side where rain clouds gather
from returning waters of the west;
I waited patiently:
- on the other side of a black mirror
- on the other side the shew stone revealed
- on the other side you breathe  within me.
No thing between beginning
you are always with me in the end.

Comeitus comenta comet    …  comity.

And now I am myself again facing you
In  quicken’d stages of dissolved release
As you before become what I must seek
As answers to these questions multiply
And I ask again how far is yet to Go
How deep the drop – how fast the fall
To truth and flight and you once more.

Herein, the hard rain of Starlight beyond I
Found, here is dissolution become certainty
Voice, the sword of us, silence in speech.
  Brilliant hold of wisdom , gnosis and word
Our Light,  one mouth, same flesh,  bone, and cloud.

Brightest still within is a  greater  feast for joy
That promise, which remains the chance   of  union
Thrice now Night divided  shakes us, I from you:-
 For I that go, shines one star in sight above
Untouched by time , your  holy place  -  first reflection
One Face of infinite number , Ancient of  Day
Where silence watches we  begin and end
I who now find myself facing you…


You have made of me a mead of joy
As forbidden grape is wine with Understanding
The white dove from love above whose mystery
In silence I speak I dare I will keep
Feather weigh of my heart
Black flame in-between
Now in coiling
My joy
My mead
My maid
Fair  True
To see your joy.



Wisdom holds with your embrace
What is most rare as fairest True.
Wisdom sparks a single flame
Our illumined Path bright between

Embrace now, is Wisdom’s Rose above early dawn
Great jewel Mother, star-crossed before Ancient of Day.
I  who  to word am now become  the winnowing fan
I who offer you this delicate fruit at full ripeness
Now am seen fully in your joy whose light is mine
I a single offering unto Truth
As another fresh fever of Age-long Love bends

We are Come now, to Water
We are Come now to quarter
To dwell In this black land
Here Is Gnosis, now Omnipresent  proof.
Raise to your lips the pure offering of truth
To Speak my Word is my union
In the silence that is total dissolution
Unto you Astarte Ohrumachis, Isis, Hathor
Fresh fever starlight to Water
Fruit and seed began  in infinite fold

Gathered up once more  is my child before
My Stone from the hidden spring of precious Mnenosyne
Where Deed  outshines life , and thirst remains here, who seeks this grail true
And drinks to All longing lengthened in the  embrace of maat
So at once consumed with  mystick thirst for Her
She who offers a deeper drink to still me
She who stirs me now fills with the Gnosis of stars
Pistis Sophia Barbelo

Before Word in brilliant silence is Sophia seen
A Vision of Wisdom whose core is the daughter of stars

For herein above that journey of the two
A Door whose measure shares Understanding
Where the Gnosis of Sophia  is given
The white  dove alight  of Wisdom speaks
Her Word a-Winged carried by one mouth
Seed to vigilant ear and the heart whose master
Drinks from the grail wyrd of a constant Eye

Here, Wisdom to perfect
Here, Wisdom to divine
By sword to Silence -  Word.

That secret hold above Knowledge,
Ostrich Keep and Vulture Tower,
Here dwells the Gnosis of Sophia.

Nothing now masks a master in this temple
perfection unfolds by shared perception.
In us is Sight  so filled by wise Sophia
Her touch divined,  Night  now mine
Our leap,Her keep, Holy first, reflection
Where mystery dwells in starlit blue
As She, is equal in perfection
My Word now Union,
You name Barbelo.

PISTIS (Gr.)  A quality of spiritual trust, often attributed to Sophia,
who is called Pistis Sophia.
SOPHIA (Gr.) Wisdom. The name of the feminine principal involved in the manifestation
and life of the cosmos and man. She is the helper and inspirer of all Gnosis.
BARBELO  (Heb.) A representation of the Divine Feminine in her perfect aspect.

IV. These are the Forms of Water

waterr (pl. watress)

Valtir, vatter, vatyr, (pl. wateren).
Watere, wattre, watur, watir.

vattir,  Sc. watter, Sc. walter,
vatur, wature, -yre, wadyr.
Sc. wattyr, Sc. waltir, vater, watier
& this is the formlessness of Water.
waters that defy dis-belief;
water as soft as diamond

water as scarce as your thirst is great.
water, water, everywhere:-

these are the forms and the mysteries
of the names and sacred places
black pearls from blue crystal deep