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DXM and Entity Contact: my experiences of this molecules' strange ability
to help one consistantly contact Otherwordly Beings

by Xeper

     DXM's strange ability to induce contact with "Alien", extraterrestrial, and Otherwordly Entities has been talked about in past issues of this 'Zine, but I feel it is a topic that needs much more attention because of the frequency, consistency, and intensity of this phenomena that is experienced by many DXM users, including mySelf.

     About 5 years ago, I discovered the DXM FAQ online. I had been using a plethora of drugs since I was 13 years old, psychedelic and otherwise, but had never even heard of Dextromethorphan, let alone the fact that it is a powerful dissociative/psychedelic drug.

     At that time, my daily drug intake included smoking Marijuana continuously, and insufflating Ketamine, Heroin, and Adderall at various times throughout the day. In addition, I was and using MDMA and Psilocybin mushrooms rather heavily, and had been a heavy LSD user for many years. For as long as I've been taking drugs, I've also been into Magick, Yoga, Metaphysics, and Mythology. In fact, it was my first LSD trip that led me to pursue these subjects, for it made me realize that there was most definitely more to "reality" than I had been conditioned to perceive.

     So I read the entire DXM FAQ, and decided that Dextromethorphan would make a nice addtion to my drug diet as a booster for some of the psychedelics I was using. I had no real understanding at that time of DXM's True Power. I began using rather high doses of it in combination with all the other stuff, but at that point in time I didn't notice anything particularly different or unusual about it.

     In 2001, I quit using ALL drugs because I had become a wreck from my long abuse of so many different things. When I quit, I needed something to fill the time that I had been spending obtaining and using drugs, so I got heavily into Magickal practice. I had already been studying the Occult and various Yoga systems and philosophies for many years, but had never really done much in the way of actually practicing the things I was so well-read about. So I delved into a daily regimen of various Thelemic Magick Rituals, as well as 3 hours a day of Meditation/Yoga.

     After practicing Magick heavily and staying sober for about 2 years, I had an unusual Mystical Experience that led me back to DXM to furthur my Magick.

     I had been trying desperately to contact the Ancient Egyptian God Set because I had been studying about him for some time, and decided that it was His Energy that I was most attuned to naturally. I wanted to Invoke Him and learn from Him.

     So I was scrying with a black mirror one day during my rituals and Calling upon Set, when an intense pressure filled the room, and three letters appeared in blazing red in the scrying mirror: DXM. I was startled! I hadn't even been thinking about drugs for 2 years, let alone this one, which I considered at that time a minor drug useful for boosting my MDMA and Ketamine trips.

     Realizing that I had finally succeeded in contacting Set, albeit briefly, I made the decision to break my long sobriety and use DXM again as a Sacrament during my Invocation of Him. It was obvious to me that His Majesty was urging me to use it in this manner, and I hadn't tripped for such a long time, I figured "What the Hell" and went to a local store to buy a few 8 oz bottles of generic "Tussin".

     I got home, rather excitedly took approximately 960 mg of DXM, and began doing my daily rituals. I timed them so that my Invocation of Set would be about the time the DXM was kicking in. I sat down with my scrying mirror as the first colorful waves of the DXM blended in and recited the Invocation. I then started feeling an intense pressure (the closest I can put the sensation in words). It was so intense that I thought I was going to implode. At this same moment, a  reflection came back to the mirror (my dim reflection had long ago disappered into swirling, patterned blackness. Again, no suitable words for this), but it was totally alien and indescribable, and definitely not MY face!

     At this point, I closed my eyes. The strong 'pressure' continued, I felt a indescribable feeling of power and euphoria all through me, and after closing my eyes, was immersed in a landscape, like an OBE or lucid dream, except that I had these intense sensations along with it. All around me the atmosphere was pulsing and swirling. I proceeded to hold a conversation with the being I had contacted, but in a very unusual manner. As He spoke to me, I noticed His words were being spoken by myself as well as coming from His mouth! I looked down at myself, and I looked exactly like the Being that was standing/floating in front of me. So basically I was Him, and He was also HimSelf, and we were having a conversation. He/Me then transformed the environment we were in and revealed to me the inner workings of the universe.

     This went on for what I assumed at the time to be many thousands of years, having long since lost all memory of the fact that "I" was in a human body on earth. I felt that things had always been this way, and that I had always been with/been a part of this Entity. Set then related to me many personal magickal revalations, and gently deposited my astral body back in my ritual room.
     I was absolutely blown away by this experience! I guess that even after all the years of Magickal/Mystical study and practice, I still didn't really think that this sort of Contact Experience was possible.
     I recorded everything that went on in my diary, and as any magickian/scientist would, decided to repeat the experience exactly to see if the same effects could be produced again.
     Well, my furthur experiments were very successful, and I have developed a deep relationship with His Majesty Set over the past year. It took DXM to tune my mind to the right frequency to enable Him to interact with me. He has since Initiated and ordained mySelf and my current Lover/Magickal Partner/Soulmate as Priest/ess and Magi of the Divine Word RUNA, which translates into English as "Mystery" or "the Hidden".
     Set has explained to me that the DXM molecule, when taken with the nutritional supplements Lecithin and CoEnzyme Q-10 as a Trinity, is His 2nd Gift to mankind and all the Extraterrestrial Beings that we're not even aware of. His 1st Gift was the Gift of Intelligent Self-consciousness (for a rather blunt portrayal of this whole phenomenon, watch the 1969 movie "2001-A Space Odyssey"). This Self-consciousness is what allowed Homo Erectus to evolve into modern-day humans.
     1966 was Year One of the Aeon of Set. This was also the year that LSD flooded the United States and the whole revolutionary "Hippy" movement Came Into Being. Set has explained to me that LSD was necessary to open up the minds of the Elect and show them the Light (LVX). This Mass Enlightenment was meant to prepare the world for the Great Endarkenment~the influx of Darkness (NOX) that would come over time when people started realizing the full potential of DXM.
     The past few years have seen a major rise in the use of DXM among the general population, and along with this rise in use, have come more and more reports of contact with Otherworldly Entities. The most commonly reported Entities have been nicknamed among DXM users "Shade" (or Sigma), "Lady Dex", and "Jesustussin". Set has explained to me that He appears to others in a Form that they will be receptive to, since not everyone is familiar with Egyptian Mythology to recognize and listen to Him in His original Form of Set. Since He is a Shapeshifter, He is able to do this, and has done it all throughout history.
     Set HimSelf is the One that appears to DXM users under the guise of "Shade/Sigma", and His consort Sekhmet appears to them as "Lady Dex". "Jesustussin" is none other than Set's ancient enemy, Apep, and must NEVER be listened to, for he seeks to misguide and confuse the unsuspecting Tripper into doing ridiculous things that will cause nothing but trouble to them and others.
     There are also a number of other Entities that DXM users report coming into contact with, and that I mySelf have communicated with. These are either other Primal Godforms/Old Ones, man-made Egregores (thoughtforms created by humans and given a semi-independent Intelligence), or physical Extraterrestrial Beings from other planets who are also partaking of Set's Sacred molecule, DXM.
     One should not discount these claims simply beacuse it hasn't happened to them (yet!). These experiences are very real, and are not always just subjectively perceived. In the case of some of my encounters, they happened with other people in the room who weren't on any drugs at all, and were skeptical of even the existence of Gods, spirits, and Extraterrestrials. These people experienced my encounters along with me because of the very objective physical phenomena that accompanied them. In one case, it left the other person profoundly disturbed, because she was so wholeheartedly against the thought of the reality of Otherwordly Beings that when faced with firsthand contact with one couldn't reconcile it in her mind.
     One should also not make the grave mistake of thinking that the only way to experience these things is by taking DXM. Many people who don't even take drugs experience encounters with Beings of all sorts. It's just that DXM has the uncanny ability to stimulate the parts of the brain that open one to perceiving these experiences. It is a Key that opens the Door to the Labyrinth of not only one's own mind and Soul, but to the outer reaches of the Universe.
     In conclusion, if one Wills to have the rewarding "Dexperience" of contact with Otherwordly entities, try taking DXM and putting the call out; but be prepared psychologically and otherwise for whatever answers your call.....

Editor's note: The author's views are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of this magazine.