C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S 
Pg 26




There is no difference
Between one thing and
Any other thing
Injury to One
Is injury to All
Loss of One is equal to
Loss of All
Failure of the piece
Is failure of the Whole
Attainment of One
Is attainment of All
Incarnation, Ego
Is making a difference
between one thing (self)
and Other Things (All)
From this comes hurt
Loving All
Is thus not folly
NONE can unite the divided
But Love
Love is the Dharma (law)
It is this Love
The Compassion of Kings
Compassion for the All
And the Many
And the few and secret
And each one
Is Compassion for the All
Thus attainment for All
Is the True Manifestation of Will (Thelema)
And it is accomplished
Through Infinite Love

-Aion 12/12/04


I vow and dedicate my perceived being
Unity uttermost shown
To the 2=0
The Love and
The Law of Love
And the unity of All by love
And to attainment, awareness & awakening
For the One and the Many
Infinite Stars and Infinite Space
Om Ha!