C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S 
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A Prophecy

By Ibisis

From the rubble left in the wake of the great destroyers, a generation woke up, schooled in the wand and the sword, reaching from cup to sphere, and lit by an invisible lamp of alternating light and darkness. The walkers-between-the-ways became the Silent Restorers, and the Way of fulfilment; the Way of looking beyond was born. As it was their parent's pleasure to reduce, it was theirs to add. Given freedom to travel from Temple to Temple to Temple, by those whose ferocious conquest had opened the Ways, they sought to Complete rather than to disturb. They returned to the Temples and took their places amongst the congregation. It was known to them where and how the Divine OneNone breathed, and as it was known, they wove a spell which brought the folk to stand upon the Horizon, and they drew a circle wherein all gazed inwards upon themselves and each other. In so doing, they saw outwards too, and the circle broke into a dancing spiral that returned and broke, returned and broke, unto eternities, great and small. This was achieved naturally, as though it had happened without effort. The Great Truths, were silently brought to concord, just as previously they had been torn asunder. Thus became obvious to all, the Source of their Words. They drank from the fountain of fresh apprehension, and thus was the world refreshed.