C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S 
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An Egyptian Liturgy

Out of the infinite empty darkness
Out of the waters of chaos
I arise eternal as the Hidden God
From the None I become the One.

KHEPHRA, I am endless becoming
AMOUN, I am born from the lotus
RA, I arise as the phoenix
ATUM, I am complete.

I am HEKA the primal power of magick
As SIA and HU I bring forth worlds
As THOTH I speak words of power
As the double-wanded one I give life.

My breath is SHU, supporting the sky
My blood is TEFNUT, my seed is of the gods.
My hands reach out to NUIT above,
My feet stand firm on GEB below.

ISIS my mother, OSIRIS my father,
HORUS my living self.
SET my power, NEPHTHYS my wisdom,
ANUBIS my guide in the dark.

PTAH my mind creating
THOTH the Word I speak
RA-HOOR my heart, and in my heart
I hold MAAT the daughter of RA.
I am HORUS the Child and the King
I am SOKAR the hawk in the otherworld.

IHY my music
HATHOR my song
BESZ my dance.
QATESH my desire
NEFERTUM my pleasure
BAST my delight.

UDJAT, serpent upon my brow
NEKHBET, vulture whose wings enfold me.
IMHOTEP my healing
HEQAT my birth.
NEITH my protection
SERKET my guardian.

KHNUM my strength
MIN my lust
SOBEK my ferocity.
ONURIS my skill
KHONSU my vengeance
MONTU my victory.

The winged serpent burns in me,
URAEUS of phoenix fire.
My Eye is RA, My Eye is THOTH
My Eye is HORUS, My Eye is SET
My Eye is SEKMET the powerful one,
The lion-goddess who rages.

MAAT is ever the breath of life
In feather-balance of justice and truth
The Double Aeon is the reign of HRUMACHIS.

By RA-HOOR the Word is spoken
By MAAT it is manifested
By THOTH it is recorded.

The Eye is open
The Mouth speaks truth
The Hand is strong.

I am HEKA, great in magick
I am the creator of my Self
I am Light which comes forth from the Egg
I am the body of stars.

I am the Nameless many-named,
I am the begetter of all things.
The falcon of double horizons am I,
The High One, ever-returning.
The moon and sun are my eyes,
There is no part of me not of the gods.

~ Shade Oroboros