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Oshun (ceramic sculpture) by Sophia

Invocation of the Goddess Oshun

By Sophia

Oshun oh Goddess Oshun
The beautiful - you bring
The gold that you wear &
Brass around your limbs
A yellow silk dress is wrapped
Around you when you strut
Like a peacock the rustling
And bustling
Make music to my ears
In your hand is a mirror
You stop to admire yourself
And in your other hand is fan of
You fan yourself…

I call out your name Oshun
To ask that you stay
And bless and dwell
In this place of beauty

Beautiful Goddess
With sweet water
Swirling around your legs
And washing your feet
Cool water
Lovely Goddess
Kind to everyone she meets

Gentle water one
Who holds secrets
Of eternal beauty
And love

Dance is sacred to you
Beauty as well
Decorations  and yellow silk
Make you the loveliest
Goddess of the Orisha

All are charmed by your
and all want to
Be near your side
No one is turned away
Oshun is forever
The gentlest of all

The Goddess of elegance
Oshun kile kile
The Goddess of seduction
Oshun awe!!!

This invocation is from The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment