C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S
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by Hermeticusnath

Invocations of the 16 kala-petals of the Shri Yantra lotus
in the forms of the Sacred Yoginis- Aspects of Lalita Devi.

.  .  .


Adya Kamakarsini devata svaha!

Brilliant Scarlet Flame of Desire
Bursting honey taste
Of One ripe fruit
Beast woman!
Burning my spine
My face
My hair
My cock, erect
In raw-meat longing
Your deep red body covers me
With delight
Free me from all fear
That I may be reborn
Coming forth
From your jewel womb.



Adya Buddhykarsini devata svaha!

Sword-Dancing Red One
Three-eyed and sharp of tongue
Leaping gazelle-like
Razor flashing truth wind
Going, flowing
Illusive perception
Thought spark, star seed
Reasoning centre of illumination
Yoni shakti
Delightful maiden
Dance upon my thought-petals
Afloat in your endless ocean
Of Amrita
Grant me the clarity of vision
The smile of understanding.



 Adya Ahankarakarsini devata Svaha!
Slowly Opening Lotus of Dawn
Woman-child of daybreak
Softly walking in rose robes
Child of my womb
So easily hurt; Do not weep
So often you turn
Stabbing and slicing
With your dagger eyes
Blue and gentle
Forever Self-born Self
Mirror Goddess
Of delightful terror and truth
I am torn between loathing
And a desire to madly flee
From the awesome beauty you reveal
Fill me with the gift of otherness
Unity in the dissolution of my solitude
As you
Ruby woman.



Adya Shabdakarsini devata svaha !

First Vibration
Rising from the darkness
Vibrant cascade of Music
Pure as Mountain Water
Clear as a diamond
Woman of Song
Dancer of dreams
Weave the tapestry
Of noise that encircles me
The empty words
Cruel shouts
Discordant screeching
Of the vultures
In the cremation ground
Into the flowing many-colored river
Of Amrita
I float in your arms
At peace within the nadi fountain
Welling up within me
Flooding from your heart
The universe at play!



Adya Sparshakarsini devata svaha !

Caress of Breeze
Rain and Sunlight
Upon the naked body
You are laughing
With the pleasure
The feeling
The sensuous dance of senses
The silken entwined embrace
O great feeling woman!
Hands of the primal one
Mudra of the earth
Embracing everlasting touch
Rapture of being
I explore in your movements
The echo of sensation
Give me awareness
Brush my lips
And I fly free.



Adya Ruipakarsini devata svaha !

I see you
Sliding between
A glimpse of something
As One thing becomes Another
And the lives of the Earth perish
Becoming dust
There is your footstep!
The touch of your dance
Upon the flaming sight of shakta
You are the loviest form
The shape of beauty and life
Softly curved one!
Surround me with your beautiful maidens
Fill me with the love of places
And people
Teach me
The transience of all things
And the permanence
Of your embrace.



Adya Rasakarsini devata svaha !

Bittersweet and Textured Loveliness
Liquid gold form of woman
Joy feasting lady!
Revel, party, drum and dance
Join this
Your festival of desire
The world I offer you
Within the bowl
Of my scull
Eat of my flesh
My thoughts, my illusions
That I may taste your Nectar
The juice of your crimsom mouth
Smiling, laughing, playing
The serpent tongue across
The white teeth
Encircle Mt. Meru with your tongue
Great joy-giver
Pleaser of all the feasts
Scarlet wine woman
Bring me to delight!




Adya Ghandakarsini devata svaha !

An illusive cloud
You gather the alchemical dew
Bathing the swimmers and the trees
In shining clarity
Sweet one of spaceous scent
Gentle lithe girl of gold
Sandal powder in your hair
Red feet, hands, hips
Come with roses about you
Hibicus flower flaming
In your hair
Filling everywhere with your perfume
O beautiful intoxicator!
An incense smoke
Gently rising about
Your silent form.



Adya Cittakarsini devata svaha!

Awareness echos outward
Embracing and creating
All things, experiences, ideals
The beautiful dance of being
The eternal Genetrix
Endless jewels glittering in moonlight
She somes
Arms open
Swirling me away in her spiral swing
Molecular joiningdividing
The Mind is still
Is All
Is Clear
A Thunderbolt
The laughter ripples outward
Staring at my reflection
Great mirror, greatest Self
Mother of infinity
Leave me in your passing
The gem of being-without-being
Let me contemplate silence
Under the shade
Of your tree



Adya Dhairyakarsini devata svaha!

Great Red Warrior Woman!
Come striding forth
In golden armor
Whirling the deadly sword of truth
About your flashing head
Eyes of fire
Lovely one of sharp smiles
Holder of the scull cup
Full of all things and desires
Strengthen me!
Fill me with the fortitude
Of your shakti power
Incorperate me within your dance
Life death strength; evolution
I am the pristine rna/dna jewel
Within your heart of hearts
Grant me the stability
Of Chaos.



Adya Smrtyakarsini devata svaha!

Ocean wave sparkling light
Every tide carrying memories
Stealing feelings
With your bindu gesture
Connections leap chasms
Chaos ringed about with your rubies
Pearls and diamonds
Threads of jewels tracing
The path of your dance
Lightening lady
Bring to me the joys of past growth
To water these new seeds planted here
In my heart
Lead me with wise eyes
Focusing the farthest rememberances
The wings, the fins
The fur
The slow-beginning birth of man
Red one!
Reveal the universe
That is locked within.



Adya Namakarsini devata svaha!

Weaver of Absolute into Admantine Form
Sigil maker, synthesis flow
I am That
As you reveal
My true self and Nature
Within the center of the web
Shattering with a whisperThe Word sunders me
From things
In your great teaching
O swan girl of silence
Mirror-maker, soul-taker
Diamond-bliss gift of light
Labeled, it is yours
Clay for your swift fingers
Chant my mantra O shining One
I listen to your echo
Throughout eternity
Still one! Awaken
The Atman within the silence.



Adya Bijakarsini devata svaha!

Great Invisable Seed Center
Point of Light
Existing Matter
Inbetween nucleus
Of every atomic wonder
Vibrate to the nadi-song!
O great-small nothing
Mate with me ovule of being
Expand in and through me
Crimson prana exploding
A scarlet sun setting
Spilling itself into the sea
Beautiful bindu woman
Bee lady of the red flower
Guide me through the flames
Blow the petals from the lotus
Reveal the core of all
The seed of life
The jewel.



Adya Amrtakarsini devata svaha!

Your Rose Opens...
The jewel
Glowing softly within
 Blood Red
I smell the scent
Become and remember
O gate of dreams
Of existance
All lives, feelings, ages
Are one with the glittering chain
The crystal evolution
The dancing mayselves I am
Have been, always will be
The flow
Of red into white into light
O great nectar lady!
Sweet sustainer of life
Serpent time, swallow your tail
That I mat live for ever
In rose-petal arms.



Adya Sarirakarsini devata svaha!

The Body Temple Explodes in Brilliance
As flames of Shakti awaken
From deep in the Earth
The legs, arms, head, sex
Burnwith the red desire
Great One
Fill my body with ecstasy!
That the bliss of being be daily
The sensation, the Will
The love of life and light
Purify me of toxins
Align the genetic jewel
Cleanse the soul of muck
Let my mandala be clean
O woman of hearnow
Flesh of my soul
Yantra to my bindu
I am the scarlet thought
The bloodflow lustlight
Of your shakti smile
Great one of 16 petals
Here is your jewel!
Take it!
O mother, dance!
With my heart
O great intoxicating hibiscus flower
Softly your perfumed feet
Tred the 16 steps
In the dance eternal
Moon to moon
Light to dark to
The fire spirals
Into the one body
It is your body
Within which I abide

_ _ _ _ .