C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S 
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Begin one

By j. eichenbaum.

 begin one:

 when the numbers cease
 the moment i begin to stop counting
 sequential moments past and
     a hypnotic future
 when i become five
 measure of solitude  coherent
 artfully but then it's almost over
       skills beyond the trade
  a falling back to moments of unknowing
      while the misty giants of the soon
  to be taken hold of throats and cut like
         lizard scales against rays of
             dusty light and darkness
     that the winds kick up with fury
  and i am the doll of this nature
            i become an artifact


 begin two:

 vague atrophy
 a jellyfish landed
 dead onto the sand
 translucent a sun
 on its back to mimic

 end two.

 begin three:

 standing within the nectars of fatality
 total refusal
 desecrating this banality
 a crawling vacuous being with only mental
 poverty staring at me asking what it is to
 be at one with the nothingness inside of me

 silence stands alone without anything its
 icy claws shall cut even the most armored
 strands of time it holds together its adversity
 uses it as a weapon against the infidelity of
 humanity it is my will to destroy this banality
 that drains of desire beyond complacency

 end three.