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Rays from the Silver Star

Editor's note: This will be a regular feature of Silver Star, it is open to all readers as a forum to make announcements of a magickal nature to your fellows. Any and all orders, circles, cabals etc etc are welcome to announce what they will here, as long as it is with Love under Will and done with mutal respect. Send announcements to: aion@psychicsophia.com

American Nath Society

"Welcome from the American Nath Society, a guru-less, rule-free branch of the Naths dedicated to actually doing spiritual practice, and exchanging information. Drop us an email and say "hi!"."

Shiva Nath



“…it has musick when you enter
the site and actual songs to download ... There is Horus and Set holding a DNA Cadaecus Wand and a Cthulhu coming
down in a spaceship from the sky in Egypt!...” Fr. Aha


The Invisible Lodge

magick, essays and more at

Abyss Walker, the new album from Gothick

Free MP3 downloads featuring tracks "Dreams of the Nightside
Tunnels", "From the Oceans of Innsmouth" and "John
Dee's Crystal" at
www.t3kton.com (in the music section).


(official desktop wallpaper of the Invisible Lodge)at-


Detail from WAVE by Mishlen

"Starlight, starbright
We're gonna hang some new stars in the heavens tonight
They're gonna circle by day
They're gonna fly by night
We're going sky...... high..."

-Laurie Anderson, HIAWATHA

The will to love is the law to live.