C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S 
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a poem

by Daniel Anthony Ezekiel Niehaus

  Parts pieced in celled life forms selved.
Parted in differance.
Poured as pure potions divided into
particled posits of isolated portions.
Derivatives of dictonomy
dually sliced to distinguish
in descive doldrum.
Dictations discerned and directly devised.
Distinctively cataloging
in compressive collection
of the fornevers everflow.
This dancing derivish of switchwhirl ways,
directionessly dreaming into existence.
Constant recombination
concurrently combining.
Connecting all
Undulating omniessence
in is out allways mapped.
For as above below....
Both or any numberless
many an's or or's.
But as equalized  in balanced non-bias eyes.
Embracing every embroys race.
Each eternal all and null.
A turning about throughout intwo is one then none.
A limitless wonder of subtle science is Art.
As the work of change marches measureless on...
A progressence entropically
urching universification.
A motionless instantaneous
evolution of coming  forth.
A furtherance of purpose discerned but by the
allowance of intended will to cause in action.
Or stilled silence of regressive pause.
Wew not we the fragments of the flowing whole allways.
Aware as observing fractaled eyes
embedded in the skin of our collective body.
As tiny actoracles scripting the captureless
through speech.
Creators caretaking,
eaters consummating.
Mating opposition figure eighting.
Authenticating as microcosmically
scaled directors.
ascending arrows who author articulating in artistry
of union.
Giving and taking.
Queens and Kings of humanity.
Dispersing emersed and meshed,
Diversities unified in cohesive  formulation.