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'untitled' by Mark Bell

The Invocation of Baphomet

by Leon Lashtal

Begin by Banishing with the Star Ruby, followed by the Ritual of the Mark of the Beast (Liber V Vel Reguli).

Facing east, standing in front of thy altar set with your elemental weapons and the XVIth  Atu 1, form the Sign of the Attitude of Baphomet and recite in a loud voice,

“Thee I invoke, hidden lord Baphomet
Thy Secret Servant of Ra-Hoor-Khuit
Holy Master of the Mass of Mithras
And IO Pan enwrapped in mischief

Thou whose armor is impenetrable
Who bears the lance that’s invincible
The one Leviathan cannot consume
Thee I invoke under this full moon 2

O’ Goat of Mendes, whose blood I adore
Androgynous lover of Babalon’s whore
The Heretical idol of the Templar’s lord
Thee I invoke, by my wand and my sword

Now form the Sign of Pan or Bacchus for the reception and recite,

“Behold it is I, the goat and wise master
Seducing my lover with leaping laughter
Disguised I was the Serpent of Edom
Granting gifts of gnosis and wisdom

Now it is I with the pantacle of power
Sitting enthroned atop the fallen tower
It is I who holds the sword of destiny
And conceal in my eye the magickal key

For I am the lord of the path of Ayin
Horned redeemer and begetter of sin
And I am the lord of darkness and light
By thy will it shall be in this holy rite”

To conclude sit in an Asanic posture, preferably the Dragon and meditate on the symbolism of the XVIth ATU or a substituted image for a few moments. Remaining in posture intone the name “Ba-pho-met” for several minutes. Then rise, collect yourself, and give the License to Depart.