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As Was, Is, and Will be, unto Infinity. AmeNemA.
Part 1.
The Child Who Is An Idea
 A Poem By: Daniel Anthony Ezekiel Niehaus, Frater Say Cay Waz Kay-Sunshine Child Warrior King, I AM STAR.
The Child who is an Idea,
the created outcome made manifest by the Fertile Universe,
The Mother of All that is.
The Child's destiny is Understood through the Mercy it receives from it's Mother,
and the Strength it is given by the Wisdom of it's Father.
Only by hardwork and endurance in the name of self-sacrifice
Will the Child's destiny be realized.
For the Luck of the Wheel's weighted ROTA-tion will be as a Shepherd
to guide the growth of experience.
As the Child develops into a more full version of itself,
it's inner idea is communicated from within.
Transforming in waves of time and change,
the realization is born through combination which is solution.
This is Completion.
The Child has been carried by the womb,
incubating it's creation and formulating it's manifestation
as a being who has fully realized it's own destiny.
( This poem was written based on some advice I was given regarding my own Magickal Child which is the Great Work itself on a collective ,and individual scale. The question was answered through the divinatory conduit of Tarot Cards, specifically the Thoth deck ).
Part 2.
 A Revision of Liber LXXVII or Liber Oz
Original version written by The Master Therion, Sir Aleister Edward Crowley, Frater Perdurabo.
Revised through the mind, hand, and eye and from the heart by Frater Say,Cay, Waz, Kay, Daniel Anthony Ezekiel Niehaus, I AM STAR.
  In the decision to revise this document I have encountered several initial reasonings for doing so. Firstly I have always felt that the adept should be aware of all of his or her words and their placements in the communication of both speaking and writing. Although it is often recognized that in old English usage the word " Man " is gender neutral ( that is it can be used in referance to humanity as a whole ). I feel that we ahve aquired the need in this Nu Aeon to communicate clearly our purposes of will as accurately as possible. Thereby using all tools available to us in the most efficent manner. While I feel that Crowley intended in the writing of this document to include both men and women in " the rights of MAN", I feel it is imperative that these intentions are communicated in the most accurate manner possible. Thereby eliminating potential misunderstandings.
  My seven year old daughter ( whose name is Ivy Kali Rose ), apparently feels the same way. For upon reading Liber Oz as it was posted upon my refrigerator; she commented to me" that's nice Daddy Dan, but it doesn't say anything about the woman" ! I laughed as I had anticipated this reaction but didn't really expect it to occur. I was beaming joyously at the insightfullness of her youth. So for her and all women , and humanity as a whole collective consciousness, I have sought to revise this document. The only actual changes I have made are the supplementations of the words " humanity and it" , in place of the words" Man and he".
" the law of the strong:
this is our law and the joy of the world."AL OR L. 11.21
" Do what thou wilt shall be the Whole of the Law." AL OR L.1.40
" thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other shall say nay."AL OR L.1 42-43
" Every man and every woman is a star ." AL OR L. 1.3
        There is no god or goddess except Man and Woman.
1. Humanity has the right to live by its own law-
to live in the way that is wills to do:
to work as it will:
to play as it will:
to rest as it will:
to die when and how it will.
2. Humanity has the right to eat what it will:
to drink what it will:
to dwell where it will:
to move as it will on the face of the earth.
3. Humanity has the right to think what it will:
to speak what it will:
to write what it will:
to draw, paint, carve,etch, mould, build as it will:
to dress as it will.
4. Humanity has the right to love as it will:-
" take your fill and will of love as ye will,
when, where, and with whom ye will!"-AL OR L. 1. 51
5. Humanity has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights.
" the slaves shall serve." AL OR L. 11. 58
" Love is the Law, Love under Will." AL OR L. 1. 57
Part 3.
Unity through Diversity or O=2
By: Daniel Anthony Ezekiel Niehaus, Frater Say, Cay, Waz, Kay, Sunshine Child Warrior King, I AM STAR.
  Diversity is as if the coloring of lifes many avenues. It is as if the branches upon a Tree called Life. For just as each branch has it's own jutting twists and turbulence of flip in turn. It's own splayed fashion in curavtures, it's own number of leaves arranged in multifarious forms. Ever each leaf upon each branch has it's own individual uniqueness of variations in shape and color. Yet each branch and leaf has also it's own similarities with each other branch or leaf. For all branches and leaves have one body in the whole of their parts. They all hang upon on Tree which is the uniting factor of their collective Life.
  So it is with humanities family tree. All variations of color, sex, thought or of differenciation in whatever form of morphing forms, bear a common bond. That bond is in Spirit, Blood, and Life. We have all been placed here as companions upon this watery sphere of dirt and air called Earth. We must all rejoice in our union lest this planet shall be as if a lonely speck of dust floating in an immeasurable space. Humanity has been given so many possible forms in it's expression as a whole. Through all the many ways woven over the span of space and time that humanity has existed upon this planet, we have created and are creating. As creators on a microcosmic scale of dimensionality we ahve spiced innumerable flavors in the wake of our experiences. We have carved those experiences into forms such as languages, and religious traditions, architectures of artifices splicing idea into a manifestation of man and woman. To leave our mark in the signature of tiny Goddesses and Gods. As a record for the notation of memory, and for the furtherance of innovative exploration in possibility. Tape looping our wisdom gained in Life through the hand and eye, and into matter as a strand of everchanging symbols. To designate a meaning for our existence within this experience of conscious perception.
  Thus we daemenstrate the fruits of our continual labor. This labor of life is one of balance and harmony. It is a continious work which will only come to it's fulition when all parts of the whole have realized their inseperable unity; and even then we must not forget the plethora of possibility that our infinite diversity provides. The sum of existence in Life is much like a meal that humanity is preparing for itself. There are many flavors in the feast, and all add together to create the meal in which we ingest as actuality in waking and dreaming Life. So remember you are what you eat, prepare your dinner properly if you want it to be tasteful.
  There is a new dish being cooked up in the kitchen of Mother Gaia herself. It is one produced by the intermingling of cultural spices. The information age is providing the recipe in it's ever expanding cookbook. Preparing us for this feast of foreveripening harvest. As all the many tribes of humanity blend together into one tribe. This onw tribe will be, and is the next spin in the wheel of human progression. It is a step over the threshold in our collective and individual growth as a race, and it is the face of our next evolutionary climbe through space and time, and/or a seemingly instantaeous leap along this changing wave or line.