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 Ganesha Banishing Ritual

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Outline of a Ganesha Banishing Ritual

This ritual combines elements of the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram with the Ganesh mantra. It's not authentic, ancient, or anything else.

Suggested Materials

*    A knife which has not been used for other purposes.
*    An image of Ganesh

My understanding is that indian magic typically uses ten directions: down, the eight compass points, and up.

Start the rite by worship of the Ganesh image: place it in a clean space, bow, and recite one of the Ganesh mantras 108 times.

"Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha" would be a typical mantra. "Gum" is pronounced "Goom" and there are lots of pronunciation guides on the web if you need help with the sanskrit.

Start the banishing proper. We'll be drawing ten hexagrams, charged with a mantra.

1.    Stand in the center of your circle, and draw a triangle on the floor infront of you, point towards you, clockwise. Start and end at the point closest to you.
2.    Draw a second triangle, clockwise, starting at the top point, the sum of the two triangles to form a hexagram. You'll be leaning over your first triangle to do this. It's a little awkward.
3.    Step into the hexagram you just drew on the floor.
4.    Place the knife in the center of the hexagram, and say the Ganesh Mantra.
5.    Facing straight ahead, draw another hexagram at chest height. Start with the point-up triangle, drawing clockwise from the top, then draw the point-down triangle, also clockwise, put your blade in the center of the form and say the mantra. Hexagrams drawn point-up triangle first are "male."
6.    Turn 45 degrees, draw another hexagram, starting with the point down triangle. This is a "female" hexagram because you drew the point down triangle first. The Cardinal directions, and the above hexagram are all male. The Ground, and the ordinal directions, female. Don't forget to say the mantra in the center of each hexagram to charge it.
7.    Continue drawing alternating male/female hexagrams until you have drawn a hexagram for each of the eight compass directions.
8.    Draw a final male hexagram overhead. The one you are standing inside is female, if that helps figure out where to start and finish. Don't forget the mantra.
9.    Now sit in the center of the shapes you've drawn, and repeat the mantra 108 more times.
10.    To close, chant "AUM" loudly in each direction, starting overhead, then working around the circle, then finally below your feet, imagining the hexagrams dissolving into the sacred sound leaving a peaceful, banished space.

The ritual can be extended by drawing the Aum glyph while chanting the mantra in the center of each hexagram, by extended ritual worship in the opened space, by further recitation of mantras to the directions, by prayer, and by using an alternative closing.

The alternative closing is something of an initiation, in that it defacto installs an astral temple in your energy system which could reside there for some time.

Here is the alternate closing.

Stand in the center of the space, facing in the direction your started in. Empty your lungs, then inhale and recite the Ganesh mantra with great vigor.

Now inhale again, and visualize the entire energetic structure you have created being pulled in towards your heart. As it decreases in size, it increases in intensity.

Say the mantra again, using your full breath. Your lungs empty, inhale, again pulling the entire energetic structure towards your heart, concentrating the energy within the structure as it grows smaller.

Repeat as often as necessary, until the energetic ball is only as wide as the palm of your hand.

Now place both hands over your heart, pushing the ball into your chest, and inhale forcefully, pulling the ball into your heart chakra. Allow it to integrate into your energy system.

If this "takes" - if you feel it lock into place - then you can manifest a banished space simply by exhaling the structure into the space around you while reciting the Ganesh Mantra you used in this practice. The structure should be kept fresh by repetition of the entire ritual until it is deeply engraved in your energy bodies.

I've worked with this ritual fairly extensively, and found it works much as one would hope/expect.
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