C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S
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The Coming of A Tribe...

  A poem By: Daniel Anthony Ezekiel Niehaus
  Seductive Spirits appear in the air,
  smoke wisping it curls whimsically
  as imagery invoked now appears,
  The raw creative potentia of Gods
  like Neon Dragon shedding ancient tears.
  Fairy Kingdoms reawaken,
  Dimensionalties now exist.
  No longer forsaken as this..
  Rippling and rift,
  I drift,
  improvisationally existing in a momentary reality constantly persisting.
  I am the energenetic shapeshifter,
  the liquid changeling dancing with movements intending instantaneous creations
  effected and caused the rise.
  Arise aries arise,
  from form come intwo matter made manifest.
  Defintions simplified, associated and synthesized.
  Information is plugged into the circuitboard and electronically generated key.
  Voltages rushing,
  sudden influxes entering.
  pure light invades in overwhelming cascades.
  Energetic waves expanding beyond all sensory sensations.
  Have ye no expectations, floating weightlessly in figure eight geometric equations.
  Turn towards seconds next a door_
  Stepping through into the emptiness, the voided no-thingness of a domeless starlite imaginatorium.
  An endlessly extending sky of possibilities,
  A vastly stretching sea of infinite waters,
  I drink eternity.
  From fountains it's fluids foaming intoxicants of knowledge.
  Prophets planting seeds over countrysides roaming,
  Love is showing, showering truthful words and idealogies geographically interconnecting.
  Validating collectives multidimensionally joined in karmic union.
  Reincarnating scripts rewritten..