C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S
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Beat the shields with javelins!
Sharpen and quench the swords!
Fire and Flame and Explosions
Rapid and complete, loud and violent
Shake the world!
Birth in blood
In flowers of blood
A shower…a trickle…a flood
Of Blood
And a newborn child cries
Under a starry sky

The red dawn of sunrise streaks across the sky
I call  the rising sun!
I call the Warrior with beak and claws
Blades of steel and clubs of iron!
Muscular guardian
Bully, tyrant, savior, wolf
Hero of 1000 faces!
Aggressive one
Powerful one
Victorious one
Conquering one
The Willfull one am I!

Warrior spirit who dies and is reborn in battle
To die again
To wait- and be reborn -always returning when Needed
Tuan! Gilgamesh! Arthur!
By Heru, RaHoorKhuit and IAF!, By Rudra, Angaraka and Murgan!
By Shakti, Shri and Kalika! The Howl of the hunting wolf!
By Tyr and Thor! Mars and Ares! Sylvanus and the red One Set! By Ogun and Shango! Hachiman and Fudo! Bran the Wise and Red Tara the Fierce!
O great warrior king by all your names!
Flaming god of red , howling & battling & winning & protecting
By all your flaming names
From every corner of a world in turmoil
Every nation, every tribe, every city every voice
I stand tall
In Victory!
Guarding by day
Ravaging by night
Ram and Wolf, Shield and spear
Two forms have I
Ruddy & Wild
Two sides has my blade
My mighty hawk wings pierce the heavens
My lion - roar shatters the mountains
Lava and sunbursts flow and bleed
As I tear the very cosmos!
And all solidifies
Into a single glowing red jewel
Heart of Flame am I
The one who fights and wins am I
In my heart is a cool blue pool
An oasis of peace
A cessation of war.
From ashes, from embers, from soil and water
New life
From the Egg of Blue
Is my true form emergent
In the stillness of setting sun
The Lion sleeps
The Phoenix dies
The hawk cowers
The serpend bites it’s tail
And curls in upon itself
Into a flaming red spiral
Collapsing into
A star
In the heart of Nuit.

Aion 2/06
Ending of the Throne of Geburah work