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Echoes of Abraxas

By Shade Oroboros

“The most divine Nature of all was one Serpent having the face of a Hawk, and most delightful in aspect, for when he opened his eyes he filled all the spaces of his native region with light, but when he closed them darkness immediately ensued.”

From The Gnostics & Their Remains by C.W. King


Make it with the Fire!

Out of the Chaos of matter and void a cosmos of shadow and light.
Out of the whirlwind of the evolving an egg of breath,
holding all things to their own centers
as silent seeds of returning.
Dance of the archetypes, rainbow of images,
the spectrum is shining from a jewel always burning
whirling and churning to climax all yearning with bliss!

In the heart of infinite space
the Eye is open to light
silent music ignites
in torrents of fertile flame.

Make it with the Fire!

Sekhmet, dancer!
Fire that consumes Not,
Fire of consummation,
Fire of desire
like the cock of the Beast
getting into your brain,
like your serpent-spine rising
to explode in kisses of stars!
Fire like a sister in the bliss of incest,
Fire like sin with the mother
beyond the last law of being,
beyond the gates of death and life.

Fire like a cat in heat
Fire like the noon-day sun
Fire to melt the worlds
Time to make all aeons merge.

Golden one!
Serpent-fire returning to heaven
Dragon-fire like a comet in space
Heart-fire, hot love’s desire!

Winged wheel filled with lightning
soaring through all centers
to return to the primal sea.
Boundless ocean of limitless light
tides of flame that ebb and flow
alien colors of freedom and bliss
echoes of voiceless change
ageless awakening fire!
Lion-heart of liquid light
on Fire!

Make it with the Fire!



Nuit: perfect circle, symbol of Naught.
Solitary center, core of All: Hadit.
Ra-Hoor: brightness of twin horizons, spinning spirals to each extreme.
Completion in the mirror, dark reversal to return: Maat.

Here in balance the Work of the Kingdom
stores ancient honey in cells of the Hive.
Drink deep this vintage of lost flowers,
grow drunk on the ecstasy Babalon gives.

Whirling mysteries of the Peacock Angel
whose many eyes are one
Weave a dream within the dream,
a jewel awakened by new light.

Burning Sun that is a Star,
secret flame that is Hadit;
Silent as the unborn Word
deep in the lotus heart of Nu!

In the secret dance of Vulture & Hawk
silver & gold divide & unite;
In this know the love-play of ABRAXAS,
where the dark and the bright are “I” alone.



By the winding road I came from the east, and I tried to enter the citadel of the God.
I went in by the first gate and the guardian of the Air came against me, a great hunting Hawk, whirling the storm, singing the winds, shaking the hair of the trees upon the mountain-side.
I was blasted and whirled away, I was spun to the four corners of the world, I was dispersed into atmosphere.

By the spiral path I came from the south, and I tried to enter the citadel of the God.
I went in by the second gate and the guardian of the Fire came against me, a terrible Lion-Serpent, a jewel, a thunderbolt, raging force of phoenix-flame.
I was lightning-struck, I was burned to ash, I went out like a candle in darkness.

By the turn of the wheel I came from the west, and I tried to enter the citadel of the God.
I went in by the third gate and the guardian of the Waters came against me, a Dragon of the deep, sea-creature, serpent of desire, rising up from beneath the purple waves.
I was swept away and drowned, I was lost in the whirlpool, I decayed amid seaweed and sunken ships, fish feasted on my flesh.

By the middle way I came from the north, and I tried to enter the citadel of the God.
I went in by the fourth gate and the guardian of the Earth came against me, devourer of time, Black Mother of the Void in monstrous form, as Tiamat who gives death, as Taurt who gives life.
I was engulfed in her maw, I was buried in her womb, I was ground to dust by the teeth of her mouth.

By the path direct I came from the center, and to the center I returned. And the citadel of the God was fallen, like the tower of the phallus that has spurted the seed. Where the palace had stood was a garden and a maze, and at the center a fountain of flame in a shrine at the heart of things.
And I went into the garden, and I wandered in the maze, to complete the quest.

In the outer circle I confronted the shadow-daemon, the dwarf-self, the terrible ordeal, the maker of evil, the dark hand. I embraced this strange reflection, and we were one.

In the next circle I met with the angel-anima, the solar succubus, the harlot dancing, strange woman by night, the erotic chimera. I embraced her brightness, and we were one.

In the final circle I joined with my Self, and the joy was made flesh, and the journey was ended, and the great work perfected, and the art was a single jewel. We sprawled in passion among the flowers, and died together as two became naught.

And we were Not as we worshipped in the sacred shrine that is light and darkness, love and hate, beginning and ending. Joined together as fire and water, as rising vapor, we melt through the gate of the central Eye into the chill embrace of night.
The sun’s staff of gold and the silver moon-cup cease to be.

The mystery of all is ABRAXAS.




God of the star
fury of the storm
heart of space
eye of light
phallus of beast
name of Self

I center thee!

Throne of being
flight of becoming
seed of change
spark of fire
serpent of lust
spiral of genius

I flesh thee!

Shadow cast
upon the world
egg of the hawk
shining globe
sun of the cycles
day, year and aeon

I dissolve in thee!

Sphere of the soul
delight of ages
ancient god Set
dark brilliance
flame of ecstasy
fever of prophecy

I become thee!


Let the circle be complete,
let the snake devour his tail!
Here is the moment
eternally Now
where manifestation
ends and begins.



The lion-serpent dances
in swift lightning
striking the lotus
adrift on the shining sea

The mouth of the lion-serpent
roars the word-act of no-difference
beyond number or letter
the vibration of silence

The mouth is the gate
of opening and closing
devouring hunger
all-giving womb

The mouth is the void
of bornless space
The mouth is the throne
of the tongue of the heart

The mouth has teeth
of countless aeons
and tears at time
death eating life

Point where the wind
of the universe
gives breath to all
in the world

The lion-serpent
sun of night
lord of light
afire with lust unceasing

Writhing in climax
glory of bliss
known in the star
shining infinite rays

Birthing new worlds
in the primal dark
flooding night’s ocean
with seeds of life

The lightning-serpent roars in triumph
dances in the thunderstorm
falling in spears of electric fire
to illuminate all feathered eyes.



out of dark before beginning
rising beyond limitations
seeking and reaching
lustful and longing
seeking the Heart’s desire
the seeds of light
cast out in the sea
burn rainbow stars
like wheels of fire

changing ever
evolving, mutating
mystery dancing
freely in shadows
weaving of moonglow
a labyrinth of light
merging, turning
enchanting illusion
completed as truth

sorrow to joy
night into day
parts into whole
alchemical stone
all the spells spoken
change time and space
the great transformer
of the holy name