C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S 
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I am Binah, great mother and I love you
Your heart is a golden thread from my womb
Be thou a kindred spirit with all and you shall never die
The world calls me Babalon
I am all - your love is my love
Your eyes are my eyes
Dwell with me and you shall have all
The answers are not in the world
the answers are not in the world of men
Nor in the realms of the infernal.

Dwell with me and I shall love you
Eat of me and thine cup shall be full.
The desert that lay between you and your past is always open
but to tred it will be as a camel
A husk for the will
A dwelling of the night
My love abides in the heart of the wise

Kill thyself
You are set free.

Let the moon be your guide
Let the charm of the day
Let your vision, not your goal 

The replete now are the wolves
The poor are the victims of lust
The holy man the welk of the widdershins

I am the eye that abideth in the heart
I am the quill that draws across the page
Give unto me your eye
Let me show you that I am you
Be still and all revolves around you
It dances for you
Not you for it

The blessed are the adepts who look their whole lives for me

Blessed are the wons who kiss my breast
in the infernal heat of hell
for their endeavors shall be rewarded
They have slain the dragon and are a bride itself
Love them and be of cheer
The ice age is over
Now the spring is near
The eternal spring
I am a flower of infinite bloom
a bee of a million stings  

The ear is thine tool of power
Listen to my words and hold them in your mouth
All is below the abyss to the lost

All is in your grasp
Rise up to me and love


Are you not a God then
No only to the weak - Yes the little eye doth cry so weary
But I lift up mine heart and the death knell do I chime
All is good - make love, sing
When the ashes are burnt up, then I am left -
Thine golden thread - All is me - inside your web
Bleed little bleeder and feed her, feed her pranayama.
The world is an anchor it keeps us down.
The splendor is the joy, the trials of love -
I separate entwine and vortex the will -
The lust to discover leads those to me that of pleasure thrill
Love and love again -
I can only offer love.
No more.
The worlds you seek are in your periphery
wake up and reach out
there are a billion eyes waiting in the wings
A God who hath no sleep in the beauty of thine heart
Now surrenders to the eye of the world.
All below is not for you
tis the tides of the seas and the fears of man
That you find me puts these all to bay.
This is the opening of the void, the blue lotus, the came.

I am the sigh of ecstasy in all mens hearts
Angels do dwell in the song of songs
But this is blood, this is ey(ex)

You are tired - empty yourself into the sea - empty your waste into me -
I am all devouring
All encompassing

Eat of the empty space
Freedom from the hearts bloody ache

Empty your heart into me
I will fill it with ecstasy
Blow out through the nose and keep blowing
there is the blue blood heart in the worlds spiralling pools.
Look and see all is an illusion of my whim -
All is not for thee to break and tear
All is now a free song

Empty - rest you are weary
The road has been long -the love you give is strong - Be now
Now fill the wolilig

None is for you to despair
Care not for them
They know me not
Give only your heart to me and all shall bathe in thine power

Feel me rise
Wings spread
Rise up and devour the nectar
Live in me and I in you
The ache is quenched
Be a vessel I am your heart
Your ego is a whelp to my ancient heart
Let me fill you and show you worlds you’ve never dreamed
There is blood in the hearts
Trust not anyone who gives
Trust not anyone who takes
Each is an act of despair
All is settled
All is neat
Give them your eye and so I give them mine
To the base we rise
To the love we blind.
There is the snake, rise up and take pleasure
All is well yes
All is well
Bloody are the sins of the ignorant tis I that separated them -
Tis my sport to be fair
But the love is the sport of the fair
Sleep for a while
The war is coming
Be yea of good cheer
The Blind is the lovemaking
For in the repressed is a seed but no water or feed
This is the eye

All around
Do not pause
There are good things in the distraction listen - have heart
Blow kisses to the world - and jump in the road


Others -others-bow down little ones to your own shadows
Play hide + seek in your own minds
Not I, for I build a mountain
and see all of creation
All my will
Blown forth from my mind

Manna from heaven
Make cakes and spread a feast
This is the wish I have for all
Though none shall come
Do it now, do it quickly
There is heart in these words
There is the sky in thine eye
All powers shall be as they ever were
Save your own lust
Are you across-know not said he
The apple cart has over turned
and much is misery
Eat like the worm-devour all
There is no discrimination
The love is all abiding
Abates not the key to the temple
Only the enterer sallows and turns
Be yea of good cheer, horned God
The blood is thick and the knife is sharp
Cut yea a slice and drink down my wine
No peat for the fire,yet a host of angels will warm you
Drink drink drink


Anchor- the world is NOT
then uprising comes the flame
Gentle spirit _(letter daleth) that knows not pain
Eye speak like Typhon
This beauty is a spark
A divine flower
Ache to me
O how we panic
Let not the trappings of self
Stop me from coming through
I am all you
Be not afraid
The world is yours I play for thee
Give your heart gladly to me
Love in the eye
Blow yea a kiss blow yea bye

Hold out thine hand
All is joy
Give in to me
The lid is on
The lid is on
It is me,it is me
Yes it is me

Verily thee are drunk
You shall be
Set free
Watch the sea
I am all inside
I am the dove
I am the lamb
Make a boat
And float a spiral abroad
There is mystery here
No one know one can know one
Let _ (glyph of Leo) rise
The dead shall rise
The  sick shall be healed
Rise up and up


Worship me
am I not in space
Dwell in me
Am I not in space
The dream is the world
Of my ship do you travel
No blood shall blend in this travel
Open open open
Show height in the depths
Feel the feeding dog
Drive unto me
I am King I am Queen
the hour is the hapless race
Depend not on the welks
Listen not to their speak
Am a a barn
Am a a crow
Am I a lark
Then know this
All is one and one is all
doth thou hear another song
there is a block
Thou has too much sup
Let the hole drain
And blow a way the web

These spectres
cannot harm you
they are the curious
the dispossessed
All must come unto me in time
Let them eat a little at thine table
Theirs are the hidden veils that keep them

Ah don't cry
The table is high
But the wings are grown
Doth thou have an appetite
then glide down from below
And take whats yours
You are mine

Light be the candles
Do the rituals
Make the castle
and fortify the walls in blood
No time here-no time to tell
So I choose you


Ah!-Crystal light
This Emperor is thine seat
The black space portal
Doth blow out from the insides
Ape of Thoth abides
Are we electrical or are we mental?
Tis an egg-tis an egg
Foward then
Let the helm be not stirred
Let the rivers of snakes
Resound their hiss
Tis but a kiss of Nu
She bends and the radiance explodes
into a billion dens
Tis a glorius spark
the om the hum
Op ub the Rash
the nut is fresh
The hearts are a ring
this inside the birds sing
Up up up-the often are the worldless
The ageless and the groaning
Tis nought and one
The blue satin that drapes
The burning gun
Tis fire that carries you
Tis the world of sin
Am not I the wings that hold all within

Speck of dust, I am I
the roof is clattering
There is a spy
Ah babalon
great mother
hold this thought forever
The ape is the apex
The horor is the can
Know you why?
Well are you here
Ah the external
the internal
Am I op
Am I dune
Tis twelve,the height
And none are 2

Bloody and beautious
Rome is thine home
the chariot thine space craft
What is I'm Nu
The hundred snakes are grasping
The eye is for thee
Dwell in me
The numbers are abstruse
The world is a goat

Die now

Ha! death they cry
they cannot live if they cannot die
Oh my children
You must die
+ all will open
All will open up like the wings of the eagle
the grace of the dove
No me
No me
This is the world
This is the dream men fear
The darkness is the fact they cannot see me
Oh open little flowers
so you can know the world
The  light is ever breaking
upon these shores
And onwards
the machine drives
as we move not
All in the arms of Nu
All in the arms of Nu
Sweet Nu

No -know my name
As a bird
As the light
No thing
But all in flight
This is the roar
a thousand lions
pour out of the light
devouring the void into the light
The lions
Watch the seas
Carry a pen
Not a moment is left


50, the gates of death that spiral inwards
Let them open up
Let them be rose coloured + diaphonous
The tree is at the dawn
Hold not a single heart
But all let the serpent slide
The anchor hold
The world blows cold
The angels are alone
So too much wine
make the luna come
Let her flow over the air
Be still and feel her breath
Tis the soothing Sound-the tongue of her grace
Let the deepness of her surround you
Cool you-Yes the blue womb
It is an egg
The spermatozoa in the herd
The blood of ISIS
is the egg
Let her drown you
Let her be your blood
The ape is the crux
All inside
Dive dive dive
the blood is the mast
the ship is the altar
the nape is the horus
These are the masters lies
Travel in the astral scooner
to my kindred moon
The bow she breaks
down the shore
to the apex the mighty will soar
Hawk headed and diabolical twin
the dark mother
inside is glyphed
Rest let the moon cool you
Her waters restore you
be of her silence
Listen with only virtue
with only violence
There is truth open in the hour
There the hovering birds
in the languid waters
blew the would the rabble stem
The ache, the head,the arches Red
Tis race
No open-The Wood
Yes was a temple for me
The sun
Tthe do WWW done
is the whole tree
Let the flood
Be of the rock
The horse shape
bleeds the
ankor in style

Am I Not YOUR Nut
Then all this is Luna smut
Am I not the world
then this is the girl

Do what thou wilt
shall be the whole of the Law

Love is the Law love under will
Every man and every woman is a star

I am the long lost sheep
from a distant star
But the only hole is
the dark ebbing hole
the croaking sons.
No who, why then do?
I am stretched as far as the chord of flame
that drives me on wings to them
Doppleganger holds me up
the moon cools the tension
Om drives + fills thine cup
Help-help me to unwind
this tangled spine
that has so driven
my blood to dark earth
The poison that rests in the heart
No man is clean
while he knows not me
The arch deacon
the won, the dream the levitte
in the tree
Am I am I am I
District of the moon in Daath
All will be redeemed
The faces are openeneded openened
Drink,be not afraid
the not is in the nite
the arp is in the light
Drink and flower
The apple is not hour
Ah-drive the machine
till thine alight
Make doucery of blood
The height is near
Be yea of good cheer
The angle is trine
All be the beast
All be divine

Nine -is nine
nine is nine
Let the luna juice cool you
Open the vision
blown across
in time It moves,
not in you
You are the deep ones
as you are the Outer ones + so I -
marry is the word
the bloody height


It being the world
Doth no man feel the need to fly?
No the aching limbs have no urge
Save the blowing of the wind that takes him so
I am not to be regarded
I am not to be observed
This is my arm that writes
This is the whorls of space
Come in to me
Rise up and up and up
Three coils unwind
and the point blows
the smoke into the eye
Reveal, the heart within
Pray often to the whore
Make the God bow
now for it is not for him
And so it is for you
You are unplugged
Float free up like a feather
Into truth
into beauty
Into blowing glory
Am I not
Then so be it
The ark is the lamen
The whole is the sword
The swell is the blood of the saints my urge
Be it a matrix
that swims for the fishes
I is tthem too!
Have an ardour
that burns with incense
No the world as you
This is the true vision
This is the Had
All is the black night
and the stars within in Her
To late for the jackal
To late for the House
No place like the weeping heart
that now dies
This is ram
This is dar
This is Blatt
So is they aret
Crowley is your brain (teacher)
No this is not to ask
Tis a fact that burns deep in hearts
Oh he is my prophet
as you are my son (thelemite,or child of new aeon))

Show me all
I will show you there lies
Split open like a bastard
that arms are tied
No Basts
Listen hold not anything in
Feel their hungry eyes burning
The ache for vision
Am I a city -No
And should they know
Why do they Not
We are apes
Joy Joy Joy
We stretch into the void and own the world

Rest - IT matters NOT


I am dreamer
endless boat
I take off
and my wings surround the world
There is the love that had hid so long
Drive yea a stake
Verily through the wounded thigh
Are you not a dire sight
Far and beyond the
realms delighted curse

I drive up now
am I shaitan
The ever born chiden
that burns in the
Om of the sun serpent
Yes was I that burnt your heart-
and all the flowers of truth that art
Did no-one tell you
I am he-the ever conquering child
Ra Hoor Khuit
Thine lid is firmly off-thrown aside
a disc of WWW             
To drop down and fire me a steel
that has ardour in the town

Yes yes yes
Do what thou wilt
Tis the dew of immortality
that fills your cup
Leave no stone unturned
for all is recalled
the ageless the bornless the 7th seal
Was the lion serpent
You missed + now
his hiss doth ROAR
Like thunder over the veils
the ape is now given a path
that leads to NOT
The opening of the arch
of heaven gives us
the breath of God

Make yea a boat
+ climb aboard
This is the coming
of the bornless one
Time I cut thee
Into two yea fall
I am the luna word
the girt

No blazing burning
no waters freezing
only the rapture of all
All is o veiled
as the time is only abroad
No no love but me