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DiamondDNABuddhamind by Hermeticusnath


By Shri Gurudev Dadaji Mahendrannath

ALL HAIL! Thou brilliant of the planets bright.
Lord of the dawn and opener of the day,
King of the sunset, herald of the night,
Rising and setting in the cosmic play.

Tou art the rising and the dawn of man;
Thou art the going down in twilight’s peace;
Thou art the portal of the cosmic plan;
Birth, death and life, and then the great release.

Venus, thy consort, hath my heart entrapped;
Kama, the lord of passion, driven me on;
Therefore, O Lucifer, in her arms wrapped,
I patient wait til Pagan night has gone

Prince of the world and of the hearts of, most
Of the old Pagan world, since early dawning,
Satan, great angel, of the cosmic host.
Hail to thee, Lucifer, son of the morning!

Copyright 1991 (C) International Nath Order