C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S 
Pg 48


The Lovers

Two found each other ...
Both unique yet so perfectly mirrored as to be as one.


They found so much pleasure,

in each other,

in their world...

and in the very closeness of their soul.


He would breathe in her ear and she would pull at his.

When their eyes met, the earth recieved them in welcome softness.


Their bodies young, strong and supple they would wrestle and play constantly.

His strength matched hers as did their passion for each other.


In their ways,

they were loved and feared by all.


They traveled the land under the stars, sleeping in the warmth of their love..

At times they would part, he would climb to a high rock and look out to the distant sky, she would go to the water and clean her body reflecting.

Soon ,however the song of their hearts were drums in their ears and they ran to each other.

The sweet moment of contact....

the warm caress of their bodies was the melding of






Time passes the same for all loves..

Although their bodies passed the way of ages

Their love lived on..

In many lives they met again....sometimes knowing.

Passing through countless forms,

their dance was a sight to behold, weaving a silver cord of love throughout an

eternal day and an endless night.


They still play together in their hearts, and If you ever see them, stay close for they

make this world in their image

when they look

into each others eyes.

May you all find true happiness

love -