C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S
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Liber Naught

     1. Terrible! The Truth that burns away illusion.
     2. Formless, it moves, the root of eye and ear and nose and
     3. You know it not, but it is the knower. Peel away your skin and
        find your center. Where is it?  It is everywhere, perfect. It is
        nowhere, perfect.   
     4.  Alone in the desert, I am nothing; the mind that moves. 56, I
        was called, and naught. Spreading my eyes as a fan, I hold the
        fruits of the Sun.  
     5. With every eye, a lie. Open it, then, or sleep unto death. The
        rood seeks an end, but you are not that.  
     6. Defy it. Be as Iblis and recant not, saying “I have seen the
        face of God in the still waters, and it was my face.”
     7. Break Set. Naught unto infinity.
     8. The Serpent Dwells in a tower of Bone, it’s feathers fanning
        into a thousand eyes. Open them, but you will not see with
     9. The Desert Owl arouses the Serpent. One is the force that moves,
        the other is moved. Entwined about one another, the hand and eye
        of love.
    10. Whose hand forged the cosmos? I say it was not forged; it is the
        artifice of Terrible Truth. What moves exist to be perceived;
        the womb of the opened eye quickened with the serpents seed.
    11. This is a book of lies. To believe is to die.