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By Hermeticusnath

GuruPurnima 2007

“1. O Mahamaya, abode of fortune,
who art worshipped by the Devas, I
salute Thee; O Mahalakshmi, wielder
of conch, disc and mace, obeisance to Thee.
2. My salutations to Thee, who rider of
the Garuda -thou art a terror to Asura
Kola; O Devi Mahalakshmi, remover
of all miseries, my obeisance to Thee.
3. O Devi Mahalakshmi, who knowest
all, giver of all boons, a terror to all
the wicked, remover of all sorrow,
obeisance to Thee.
4. O Devi, giver of intelligence and
success and of worldly enjoyment and
liberation, Thou hast always the
mystic symbols as Thy form, O
Mahalakshmi, obeisance to Thee. “

- Mahalakshmi Astakam Stotrum iiii

    Having been involved in a variety of Magick for the last three decades (from Wicca to Tantra, Thelema, Voodou, Tibetan Buddhism etc.) I have come to the inescapable conclusion that there are essentially two kinds of active magickal work.
    The first is purely centered on the Self. It presupposes that magick is the art of changing reality through your own energy, will and focus without external help. Simple me/universe spell work, root work, sigil work and so on are examples of this individualistic mode of imprinting one’s will upon the universe. All diagrams, chants, postures and so on are seen as ways to raise ‘energized enthusiasm’ in the individual to cause external change.
    The other mode of magickal work involves calling upon a larger, greater or more extensive power-source than what is perceived as one’s self. Thus calling upon a spirit, god/dess, demon, totem, savior or ‘higher being’ and petitioning or cajoling (or threatening) that supernatural ally into helping you cause change in reality, whatever that may be.
    In other words, from my experience, when you are seeking wealth through magick, you have two basic techniques to choose from in terms of attaining the material items or riches you need.
    You can do it yourself, maybe create a charm or do a knot-work spell or draw a sigil based on I WANT MONEY! In this way you can do magick by generating your own energy through various means (exercise, mental focus, sex or whatever) and so imprint reality with your Will to receive wealth. Keeping in mind the inherent ability of the universe to balance itself (sometimes rudely), one may offer some sort of sacrifice to unleash said energy.
    Or, in line with the second method mentioned above, you can get a ‘greater’ being to do it for you by petitioning them.  In other words, you can call upon a God,  spirit, demon, one of the ‘mighty dead’ or another supernatural being that has powers you do not. Then, through devotion or cajoling (or demanding), get that the wealth you need.
    As a bed-rock Taoist, I’m perfectly aware that both of these modes are essentially the same in essence, that the gods, spirits, ancestors, tables, cars, jobs, etc surrounding us are merely manifestations of Mind and are illusionary, but in that case, the ‘wealth’ we are seeking is equally illusionary, so….
The point is this. If you enjoy and live within the real world, the realm of illusion, and if you are seeking wealth then you have to play the game.
Ah, but how will you magickally get the wealth you require?  Are you going to do it yourself or get a god to do the work?
    Both modes or working are viable. In general, if I have a specific wealth goal (paying off a student loan, for example) I will rely on my own magick and do a sigil or specific ‘spell’ that utilizes my own personal power, but if I am looking for general wealth or for the universe to shift in such a way that a big-ticket item will appear at the right time & place (all magick IS timing) then I will let a god/dess do it for me.
    My chosen paradigm is pantheism and the last several decades my core pantheistic set has been Tantrik deities. Yet I never worked with the Goddess Lakshmi until my very smart wife discovered her and brought her into our ritual life and with her came a whole lot of material prosperity!
Lakshmi has got to be the sweetest Goddess who ever existed with an egregore bigger than Los Angeles and millions upon millions of fervent devotees who pour energy and love into her every day. That is quite a pond of prana to use, and once you take a swim in her bliss, you’ll feel better for it.
Lakshmi is also one of the oldest deities on the planet. Crude carven images of her have been found that are over 6000 years old. One of her most primal images is as a lotus-headed reclining naked goddess displaying her yoni for veneration. There is evidence that she was a primal earth-mother long before inhabiting the set Hindu Pantheon. Her creation myth is very telling. When the asuras (demons) and the gods were fighting over reality at the beginning of things, they had a huge tug-of-war with the world serpent and the ocean of samsara (reality) was churned and out of the whirlpool arose Lakshmi, and all the gods AND demons bowed to her and worshipped her as the manifested world. Here is a short description of her:

“The word 'Lakshmi' is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksya, meaning 'aim' or 'goal', and she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. ”

And from the same source, a clear description of her:

“Lakshmi is depicted as a beautiful woman of golden complexion, with four hands, sitting or standing on a full-bloomed lotus and holding a lotus bud, which stands for beauty, purity and fertility. Her four hands represent the four ends of human life: dharma or righteousness, kama or desires, artha or wealth, and moksha or liberation from the cycle of birth and death Cascades of gold coins are seen flowing from her hands, suggesting that those who worship her gain wealth. She always wears gold embroidered red clothes. Red symbolizes activity and the golden lining indicates prosperity .”

Here is the kicker for eclectic ritualists like myself and, I would guess, since you are reading this, like you: Lakshmi is accessible to EVERYONE. What I mean is that many gods, take Tara for example, are supposedly only truly available as energy-streams to those who have received special initiations or ‘tunings’ to that specific wavelength. Anyone, the theory goes, can pray to Tara, but only those who have taken a Tara initiation can really gain the full effects of her blessings. Many religions, cults, sects and so on follow this idea, that if you have not been ‘attuned’ that you can not reap benefits.
 Whether these ‘initiatory gateways’ are in fact doors to the real power of these spiritual aggregates is certainly up for discussion, but with Lakshmi it doesn’t matter! Even in orthodox Hinduism (which does not care for Tantrika) some gods are open for ALL and will bless anyone who wants it. Lakshmi is one of those big-hearted goddesses who is mother to all and will drop gold coins on anyone who is devout if they are polite and ask nicely.
Before going any further, let me clearly lay-out the key Lakshmi information you will need to invoke her:


Goddess Names: Lakshmi, Lakshmi Ma, Maha Lakshmi, Devi, Shri, Gauri, Ma, Shakti….

Colors: Primarily Red,- also- White & Gold & Green

Incense: Sandalwood

Offerings: Fruit, flowers, sweets, milk, ghee, youghurt & honey, money, red kumkum paste or powder (sandalwood)

Mantras: Seed Syllable is SHRIM (pronounced with a ‘ng’ ending)
A key Mantra: Om hrim shrim lakshmi namah svaha!
There are others- do some research!

Animal Vehicle: The Owl (Though Elepants are often seen with her and she is very often displayed with Ganesh in places of business and home shrines!

Invocations: The Mahalakshmi Astakam Stotrum is one of the most-used invocations for her. There are many possible versions, several are online and some of the better ones are referenced below. There are stotras, tantras and any number of devotional hymns to Lakshmi available. Again, a simple search online will reveal a treasure trove. Use what ‘feels’ right.

Symbol: The Shri Yantra (see above)

Holy Day: Friday is Lakshmi’s day. In the year, Lakshmi has several key holy days, but the biggest is Diwali:

“Diwali is also known as Deepawali, or the Festival of Lights. Light is significant in Hinduism because it signifies goodness. So, during the Festival of Lights, 'deeps', or oil lamps, are burned throughout the day and into the night to ward off darkness and evil. Homes are filled with these oil lamps, candles and lights. Diwali is celebrated on the last day of the last month of lunar calendar*.” iii
(*Around late October, early November- it changes yearly- this year: 11 /6-9/ 07 )

Key Personal Information:  Lakshmi is the wife (goddess form of) Vishnu- the preserver- but she is also called the ‘wife of Rudra’ (a wild form of Shiva) in the Lakshmiastakam stotrum- one of her key magickal invocations. This tells us that Lakshmi is older and more primal than the Vedic gods, that she is firmly rooted in Pre-Dravidian mythos and is a manifestation of the Primal ancient Goddess called Shri or Devi or Shakti…her symbol is the Shri Yantra, but this is also the yantra of Tripurasundhari (Shakti)- so here we are- realizing that they are all one & the same goddess- the primal Mother whose primary color is red- Prakriti, the universal cosmic energy that pervades and manifests all things.

So, how did this lovely goddess change our lives and bring us much-needed wealth? Here come the testimonials!
Twenty years ago, when my wife and I first fell in love with Lakshmi, and it was really her doing, we instantly knew that Lakshmi was a way for two poor freaks to get some material wealth to have a better life. I was in more of a Shaivite mode but my wife had other ideas and wanted us to create a nice home together. So we offered a little devotion (and some serious rituals) to Lakshmi and almost immediately it got us a small lovely rental house where we wanted to be. Of course, it was red.
From then on we always had a Lakshmi shrine.
Years later, ready for a big shift, Lakshmi took us abroad to Japan and manifested a primo apartment in Tokyo
overlooking Shinjuku and Mt Fuji- it was, of course, red brick.
And, when we returned 4 years and one child later, we really needed a home and so we did a huge sigil/Lakshmi IX degree Lamas ritual- first listing everything we wanted in a home on the sigil paper before offering it - and lo and behold- for a very low price a home manifested in the woods but near the city. It had everything we’d asked for. And, yes, it is her color, very red.
Last year I did puja (ritual) to Lakshmi because I really needed a new-used car and was having no luck finding a good one I could afford. Called on Lakshmi. Boom: Found it, just waiting for me. Not only is it red (I wanted blue) but now
a Lakshmi sticker rides the back bumper.
I know when I’m onto a good thing. I truly love Lakshmi ma, she is a kinder-gentler Babalon
for those of you who work with that goddess.

Here are the steps to wealth and fame- or could be if she blesses you:



1.    First, decide on whether you want to have a long-term relationship with this goddess.  Read a bout her, get to know her and find out more about her personality, history, likes and dislikes and so on. Read her myths and find a version of the Mahalakshmi Astakam Stotrum It is a powerful and key ritual (some web sites with this invocation are listed at the end)  If you decide you want to work with her and have a ‘bhakti’ (devotional) relationship, then find and get a nice image (murti) of her as well as a small image of the Shri Yantra. Look at import stores or even download one from a web site.
2.    Set up a small shrine to her. It could be a space or separate place. In stores they are near the cash register, in homes they are usually near the doorway or near where finances are delt with! Banish it as you like, clean it well, offer something to the elephant-headed god Ganesh (his mantra is OM GAM GANIPATAYE NAMAH!) to clear away all obstacles.
3.    Then, in a ritual of your devising, on a full moon, set up the image of Lakshmi in the shrine. Place the shri yantra before her. Set up the things she likes about her framed image or statue (see the correspondences above) and chant her mantra 108x. You should then read a hymn to her. It can be one that you have created or found or a version  of the Lakshmiastakam Stotrum (again, see sites below.) ‘open the eyes’ of the Lakshmi image by anointing them with sacred oil or another substance. Now she is present. Ring a bell to awaken her. With an open heart offer to Lakshmi sweets, incense, candles, milk or yoghurt (or wine if you are a heathen tantrik!) and flowers and all she might like. Conch shells, jars of coins, coconuts- all are sacred to her. I often give her candy bars- be creative! Honor her as MOM from the heart. Call to her and she will come.
4.    Place a flower in the center of the shri yantra- she will manifest here.
5.    When she is present, ask for what you want, the more intensely the better- Mother always wants to help! Do this while focusing on the flower on the shri yantra and on her image. Ring a bell, invoke with passion! Do sex magick if you like or dance, do yoga, do art, or sing: all are marvelous offerings to Devi and if she is pleased, and she is an easy one to please, then she gives and gives and gives.
6.    After the active ritual and asking, silently meditate and commune with her. See yourself receiving the wealth you are asking for as a shower of gold flowing from her hand. End the ritual appropriately, with gratitude. It is common to end by saying OM SHANTI SHIVA SHAKTI (Peace- the union of Shiva/Shakti) I always finally offer properity to everyone as well by chanting: HEALTH, WEALTH, PROSPERITY AND FREEDOM TO ALL BEINGS! Ring bell and banish as you like.
7.    Afterwards: BE GENEROUS!!! As the mystic gold of Lakshmi, in whatever forms, falls upon you, remember- a healthy organism takes AND gives- make sure the wealth flows through you in your daily life and Lakshmi will be your pal. When you travel, spread the wealth to those in need, when going out, tip well and so on. Don’t be cheap, circulate the wealth, give to charities, GIVE- the curse of wealth is greed- and it banishes Lakshmi and pisses her off. Giving money or sharing whatever gifts Lakshmi lays on you is also a crucial earthing of your working and a key offering to Lakshmi who is The World. I always give money to homeless people after a Lakshmi working: do what is right for you.
8.    Ongoing: Ge grateful for what you get. ALWAYS thank Maha Lakshmi! Maintain your Lakshmi shrine or alter. Keep gifting her. Use other magicks and things with her- she is a great sport! My Shakti and I often honor her at the full moon. We find that we get ‘gifts’ from her in this way even when we are not consciously asking for anything. Lakshmi can also be called upon to protect your home and hearth, for this is her domain.
9.    What is the Downside to Lakshmi work?: You gain easily weight, develop a desire for sweets, become a mellower more giving person (a wimp if overdosing) and you might become a materialistic yuppie- don’t let it happen to you. She would not be pleased.

Well! I think that anyone with the wisdom to be reading this book can take it from here if they wish to court and dally with Shri Maha Lakshmi. I have found that she gives what is needed when it is. This is very mellow wealth magick with almost no negative ‘blowback’, but it comes with a price. Though she is virtually 100% beneficent, it is still a relationship and all relationships (as we know) take work so treat her and her shrine with respect. Be kind, have fun, don’t be greedy- get what you need!

May Lakshmi bless and empower you with the wealth you Will with Love!


-Mahalakshmi Astakam Stotrum

-Mahalakshmi Astakam Stotrum

Aion (Hermeticusnath) aka Denny Sargent is the author of several books including GLOBAL RITUALISM, THE TAO OF BIRTH DAYS, YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL AND YOU and the newly published CLEAN SWEEP (Banishing). For more info:

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