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Feather and Flame by Nema


 by Shade Oroboros

I am the power of Beginning
I am the knowledge of Ending
I am the Word of Silence
Shaman am I, climber of World-Tree
Speaker with spirits,
With beasts, with the dead
Man of Mysteries am I,
Knowing the Names of the Gods
Recalling the sacred rites
Alchemist am I, Maker of Change
Master of elements above and below
Refiner of Gold in the Heart
Hooded One of Wisdom am I,
Knower of runes and signs,
Binding with magical songs
Sorcerer am I, master of demons,
Conversing with angels,
Prophet of Secrets to come
Watcher of the Stars am I,
Seer of the changing times
The hours of the spheres
Doctor of Conjure am I,
Teller of things unknown
The secrets of curse and cure
Sage am I, seeking the Way,
Uniting Earth and Heaven
Awakening to Freedom

Cyber-Mage am I, the New One
Gathering Truths unknown
Science and System and Source
I am the Instant between Future and Past
I am Now and Forever
I am the Undying Light
I am the Double Child of the Aeon
Star in dark waters of Space
Warrior-Priest-King of THELEMA!

I am the Snake of Knowledge and Delight,
Uraeus of the Eye of Ra!
Lightning coiled to strike!
I am the Serpent that circles the World!
The Serpent of forbidden knowledge!
The Serpent entwined with the Rainbow!
I am Eros that gives Life to Death,
That sheds old skins to find new glory
That knows the Joy of eternal power!
I am the All-Seeing Eye
I am the Silent Word
I am Unity in my Self
I am the Spark of Life
I am the Word Unknown
The Heart encircled with a Serpent is my Name!
Power of Magick am I!
Power of Change am I!
My Name hides in the World-Tree!
Charmer of Snakes am I,
And my Universe loves me!

I call upon angels who are Thrones & Dominions,
the angels who are eyes within wheels,
the angels who are serpents of eternal flame,
the angels who are souls and thoughts and selves,
the blue electric angels who move in the circuits of machines, the technomancy of the Age of Fire!

I am the God with the Head of the Hawk,
I am the God of the Silent Child,
I am the Goddess of Infinite Space,
Winged Dancer of the Feast to be!
I am the Eternal Star, the Heart of All,
The Word of the Double Aeon!

      *      *      *

    HEKA, sometimes spelled Hike, is the ancient Egyptian personification of Magick, existing before duality. He is essentially the life force or divine and creative power that also activates the Ka or Spirit or Double, which Thelemites might possibly regard as the Holy Guardian Angel. Among his functions is to be that which vivifies statues and images of the gods, as he is one of the sons of the variously-named Creator God (Atum, or Ra, Amoun, Ptah, Khephra, Khnum, Tahuti or Thoth). He is also the deity of all medicine and healing, and is usually portrayed with two snakes (see above). Doctors were priests of Heka, and snakebite was common in Egypt. Imhotep is another god of medicine, and like the greek Aesculapius a deified human.

   His brothers are SIA and HU. Sia is the principle of knowledge, insight, perception and divine omniscience, and is linked to the gods of wisdom Ptah and Thoth (who is also strongly linked to Heka as the god of magick); he is ascribed to the Heart, which was considered the seat of consciousness. Sia is usually shown carrying a scroll as his symbol.

   HU is the deity of the first spoken word or divine utterance, of royal authority and the power of command by god or king, linking him to Ra. As the principle of the breath of life he is also seen as the wind-god Shu, and as the inventor of language he is linked to Thoth and the Mouth or Tongue (again, Thelemites might note the esoteric references to the Heart & Tongue that appear in the Book of the Law, c. I, v. 6, 32, & 53).

   While not as familiar as some of the better-known deities, these three brothers are very old (and when we are talking about Egypt, that is siriusly ancient). They are depicted in the company of the gods who sail in the Boat of Ra, which carries the Sun over the sky by day and through the underworld by night, maintaining the cosmic order. They are perhaps some of the oldest personifications of abstract concepts. And while we are speaking of healing and magick, we must also recall the goddesses Sekhmet and Isis, one of whose aspect and names is Weret-Hekau, which means ‘Great-of-Magick’. Egyptian medical techniques included magical power, reading of sacred texts, reciting of spells, and various medicines.